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Sunday, January 25, 2015

No Power Lines Or Houses Just Some Great Friends

What started out to be a leisurely Sunday turned into a whirlwind of activity!  We went out into the desert for our usual three mile hike then took off in the jeep for Al and Kelly’s.  Not long ago Kelly sent me a funny email which went something like this, “thanks a lot Janna for helping me waste three hours on the computer today looking at the Pioneer Woman websiteSmile.”  Kelly has now tried several of the Pioneer Woman recipes and also ordered one of her cookbooks. 

A few years ago after first discovering the Pioneer Woman website, I bought the Kindle version of her book, High Heels To Tractor Wheels.  Ree’s story of how city girl meets cowboy is very similar to mine—that’s where the similarity ends—she makes money with her blog, has a Food Network cooking show, etc. SmileThe book is a cute, quick read and I knew Kelly would enjoy it.  The Kindle I have is one of the original ones given to me by LoraLee—no touch screen so it’s a little different to use but it works.  I took that Kindle to Kelly today so she could read not only Ree’s book but any of the other books on that device.  Since getting the iPad and the Kindle app, the older Kindle hasn’t gotten much use.

Al and Kelly were in need of a handyman and borrowed the cowboy for a couple small projects—you can read all about it and see the cowboy in their RV shower on Al’s blog!!!!!

When we returned from Al and Kelly’s, ATVing friends Joe and Kathy dropped by to invite us for a sunset ride—yep, we were game.  There were about 12 of us in eight different rigs—there is a spot about four miles out in the desert from North Ranch called Sunset Point.  No power lines, no buildings, just panoramic desert scenery.  We take chairs, tables and snacks plus an adult beverage or two—we are riding ATV’s in the dark back to North Ranch after all!! Winking smileIMG_0786IMG_0795

And my ride back in the dark was a little interesting—discovered my lights don’t work!!  If I held my thumb on the switch the lights stayed on—when I would hit a bump my thumb would slip off and it was mighty dark out there in that desert!!!

IMG_0802Even the eastern sky had color tonight.



Life is good!


  1. Holy Cr*p! Those colours are amazing!

  2. A busy day, indeed! I love those sunset views. And we see our share of those down here in Yuma.

  3. Finding a spot in Arizona without a power line in the sight line is a major feat in itself, and I am sure Mike will have those lights fixed in no time.

  4. Beautiful skies! Beautiful photos of the skies and the desert! Beautiful peace....

  5. New plan. We are just going to follow you and Mike around and always have great food and everything in perfect working order! And now we can all say we've seen your husband in the shower.......

    Beautiful sunset!! Glad you got back safely - I'm sure your return trip was much more exciting than everyone else's :-))))

  6. I wonder if it is the very first photo of Mike in a shower. Tell Mike when I turned the fog lights on this morning water came out & when I tried the shower a light shone out:))

  7. so many little time :)

  8. oh..and a big thank you to Mike....I slept better last night. Should I be baking him a sheet 218 or mabe the Mocha brownies page 221 ?? :)

  9. Isn't it amazing how dark the desert is!! We had trouble finding the entrance to our boondocking spot west of El Canjon last night. There are only four rigs here and no one had lights on. Once we finally located the entrance (after driving by), we could find the MH! Too funny!

    You have sent me to the Pioneer Woman's site many times, as well as, only to end up there browsing around for a long time:)


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