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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Cold Ride For Breakfast

There is an organized “outdoor group” here at North Ranch—it’s not just ATVing—there is hiking, golf, etc.  The group planned a ride “up the big hill” to the little community of Yarnell for breakfast.  We waffled and whined—it was only 48 degrees with a stiff breeze at departure time—but in the end bundled up and joined the five other rigs heading through the desert and up the mountain.

Many of you will remember the tragedy which put Yarnell, AZ on the map on June 28, 2013—a lightning sparked fire blew up and over ran 19 firefighters, killing them all.  The town of Yarnell is surviving and re-building—it is amazing to see how the fire destroyed one building and just a few feet away another one stands.  Steps are being taken to establish a memorial to the nineteen firefighters on the state land where they died. 

Fullscreen capture 1222015 60258 PMThanks a bunch Rob Fox for your helpful hint—I was able to take a screen shot of the Garmin map and it auto appeared in Picasa!  I took the screen shot using the “FN” and “PRTSC” keys on my keyboard—you can teach an old dog new tricks!  Now if I could just get the hang of that Garmin—talk about NON-user friendly!!

By the time we arrived at The Ranch House restaurant we were frozen—Yarnell elevation is 4800 feet and Congress is 2700 feet.  It was a dang cold ride and all the way I was wishing I had worn more clothes!!  Breakfast was great and after many cups of hot coffee it was time to head back—the temps had warmed a little and the ride home was not too bad.

Back home Michael conducted some more solar research even climbing on the roof of the motorhome to see how many panels would fit.  Our original intent was to put solar on the trailer roof but I think he has changed his mind and it is now going on the motorhome.  Tomorrow is a new day! Smile

IMG_0767Petroglyphs alongside the road above the historic mining town of Stanton.IMG_0768-001


And on another note—Judy, the beloved bird lady of blog land whose volunteer hours are legendary wrote a disturbing post yesterday—seems the manager of the Imperial National Wildlife Refuge in Yuma doesn’t know a good thing when he sees it telling Judy he has decided not to have her return next year!  Good grief!  And she has two more months left to work—not sure I could work two months where I knew I wasn’t welcome! 


  1. Thanks for your support Janna, but there are reasons for me not taking flight immediately. Not the least of which is honoring my commitment to my fellow volunteers and those visitors that I might be able to introduce to the wonders of the natural world. I'm no saint by any means, but I refuse to sink to the level of what I've recently experienced. That being said, if the manager somehow reads my post, I may be asked to leave in the very near future. Should that happen, I will happily comply.

    1. I can certainly understand your reasons Judy--you made a commitment--and I admire you for that stance. I personally would find it hard to stay.

  2. nice day for a ride to Yarnell! ..even in the desert it can be a tad chilly?

  3. Cold rides always gave me that difficult choice of riding slower to be a bit warmer but prolonging the misery, or going faster to get to the warmth faster but being colder for the ride :-) Still, a cold ride with a yummy warm destination is still a good ride! Bummer about Judy :-(


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