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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Rain, Coffee, Pizza And A Great Evening

I love, love sunshine and in Arizona there is an abundance of sunshine.  When a rainy day comes along in Arizona I don’t seem to mind it—it was cool and very cloudy when we woke this morning and soon it began to sprinkle then rain.  John and Brenda had made arrangements to have coffee with Al and Kelly this morning—we crashed their party and spent a couple enjoyable hours on the Bayfield Bunch porch yakking and watching all the dogs play.  Except for Emmi—those big dogs made her head for the cowboy’s lap!





DSCN0139Pheebs doesn’t like rain—Brenda and John’s dogs were out in the rain having a ball. 

DSCN0140The rest of the afternoon we all retired to our various homes and relaxed—I rested my eyes for a while as did Ms. Emmi.  I think the cowboy worked a few Sudoku puzzles.  Before long it was time to head to Ellie and Jim’s for happy hour and pizza from the Congress Depot.  We were so glad to have Al and Kelly join us and we missed Mike and Pat who were out and about.  It was a very relaxed evening among great friends. 

We did notice a strange sight in our neighborhood this afternoon--

DSCN0144It’s a wonder the police car going by in the other photo I took didn’t stop to question this Alberta, Canada cowboy!!


  1. Yes indeed a good time was had by all:))

  2. Sorry we missed all the fun........... It was after 8pm before we got home....

  3. love these photos Janna ! it was really nice meeting up with everyone.

  4. Boy oh boy, wish we were sitting on the porch with you guys!

  5. what a great meet and greet!! nice photos!!!

  6. Al and Kelly's porch seems like the perfect place for a few rainy hours! Emmi and Pheebs sure have their dads figured out :-) That pizza from the depot is starting to become famous - they should have a blogger discount for all the advertising.......

  7. I like that last photo of John. Great get togethers.


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