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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Another One Of Those Nothing Days

But you know, we like those nothing days!!  We love our easy, laid back mornings, our walks in the desert then a few chores.  Before you know it the day is done and darkness is falling!


Yesterday I spent the day in Phoenix with our friends Mike, Pat and their daughter Terry, accompanying Pat to the new physician she is seeing.  I am always grateful for the good health Michael and I enjoy but never more so than when I am sitting in the waiting room of a hospital or doctor office.  The sadness I saw yesterday just broke my heart—very young people obviously extremely ill, just way too many sick, sick people! 

We drove over to Wickenburg this afternoon for a very important errand—the dump!  We are “lot sitting” here at North Ranch.  The owners of this lot are rarely here and have no reason for weekly garbage pickup.  The garbage dumpsters in the park campground are for the folks staying in the campground.  So—we take our garbage either to the Congress or Wickenburg transfer stations.  Exciting, huh??? SmileThe cowboy did take me out to lunch—we ate at Lydia’s—a VERY good Mexican restaurant! 

Tomorrow we are off on an adventure—maybe the blog will be a little more exciting next time!


  1. At least the dumpster run included a good lunch:)

  2. Glad to see someone else loves those laid back days. We had one two, right here in the desert. Minus the Mexican lunch, however. That sounds good.

  3. What could be more exciting than a dump run! My Dad used to come back from those with more stuff than we took over.

  4. Glad all is well...... And you two are relaxing !!! I am with you on the waiting room and the folks who are sooo, sooo, sick...spent the day with my brother at the cancer center today ....... Enough said ! Hi to Emmi from Duke !!!

  5. Even with little on the agenda, it does amaze how time can fly by quickly.

  6. One can enjoy a run to the dump when reminded there are so many who can't do that. Given your crazy busy schedule the last few months, I think you two are due for a few laid back days in the desert!! No doubt you'll be buzzing around the hills and washes very soon :-)))

  7. One of our New Year's intentions is to take the time for more laid-back days. It's so easy to get caught up in all of the fun things there are to do that sometimes I forget to take the time to just do nothing! Beautiful sunset. :-)

  8. Nothing wrong with "nothing days". Especially in the Southwest in January.


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