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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Dinner With Friends

A cloudy, cool day spent here in Montana—the sun would peek out occasionally but not with any warmth.  Michael spent the day spraying weeds and mowing grass—our walking paths through the pastures.  I want to see those rattlesnakes before they see me! 


I spent the day quilting—I loaded a beautiful, colorful little quilt belonging to my Aunt Margaret and got all the stitching in the ditch finished.  Now I can do the fun stuff tomorrow.

Twice in the last two weeks Michael’s computer has acquired a trojan virus.  Both times by scanning with Malware we’ve been able to get rid of the virus.  At least we think it is gone—it does not show up anywhere on his computer.  First nasty anonymous comments on the blog, now we have viruses—these people need to get a life!!!  And it isn’t like Michael spends his time clicking onto weird sites—the one last night appeared as he was clicking onto Yahoo Finance!

Tonight we headed over to the West Boulder and picked up friends Terry and Boo—our destination was the Rib and Chop.  As usual we had good service and a delightful meal—plus great company! 

Emmi was one excited little dog when we got home—no matter if we’ve been gone five minutes or five hours—she is always glad to see us!

IMG_6966Sun setting on Mount Rae. 


  1. A gray day here north of the Medicine Line, but it ended nicely. I disabled the Anonymous commenters on my blog today also. I have one post in particular that generates a bunch of those goofy comments every day.

  2. Amazing photo of the sunset on Mt. Rae. Thank you for the pictures of the tractor. Bill said Mike got a great deal! Not even knowing how much he paid, it looks like a little luv and care and it will be a treasure, if you luv old Ford tractors---Our Sassy is like Emmi. They have not sense of time!

  3. Just curious as to what anti-virus program Michael is using on his computer?

    Great pic of Mt. Rae!

  4. Beautiful picture...I am going to have to come see your corner of the world.


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