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Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Black Cloud

I swear there was a black cloud hanging over my head today!  If it wasn’t one thing, it was another!  Right off the bat, I sent something to our wireless printer for printing.  Nothing, not a sound—got a message saying computer couldn’t connect with printer.  Michael’s computer received the same message.  What’s up with that—I printed pages yesterday.  Uninstalled the stupid thing, re-installed the stupid thing—spent probably 2-3 hours of my time fighting the stupid thing.  Tonight I finally thought I was successful—it printed but the blasted thing still won’t scan to email.  We bought this HP printer last fall right before we left for Texas.  I’m not wasting any more time—it is going back to Costco and I will get another brand that MIGHT work!!

OK—I never got rid of the old printer and it is on the desk downstairs connected to an older laptop.  This printer printed one page and I could tell the ink needed replacing.  Installed a brand new cartridge—print quality was worse than before.  Installed a Costco refilled cartridge and got a little better print quality. 

The next black cloud happening—I put the label on a quilt I am giving as a gift upside down—thank goodness I was able to quickly peel the label off and reapply it right side up.

I did manage to apply polyurethane to some of the cabinets in the Tin Tee Pee without spilling anything!  And I made us lunch and dinner without burning anything.  And I was successful in talking to the health insurance companies today—getting our COBRA and other polices all lined up.  I was afraid to start a quilt—the black cloud might have rained on me!

We helped Lonnie and LoraLee brand yesterday.  They had a big crew—LoraLee and I manned the kitchen, she had pre-bought a lot of her food so we mostly just visited!  The branding crew had some excitement—seems one horse was a little over zealous and decided he didn’t like his rider—no broken bones but I sure bet he is sore today.  Brandings are always a good time—lots of friends and neighbors, visiting and great food. 

Here’s a photo of Michael’s new toy:

IMG_6943An oldie but a goodie!

Low hanging clouds and frequent rain showers today—western Montana received eight inches of heavy, wet snow today!


Thank you all for the encouraging comments regarding the anonymous commenters—we appreciate it!


  1. It is amazing how we are tested heavily on certain days over others. There are days where it seems best to just leave everything alone.

  2. Hey, that is a neat tractor... I would enjoy playing with that!!!

  3. I'm sorry, Janna, but as I was reading the first few paragraphs of your post,the smile on my face just got bigger and bigger. I've been there, like you, with printers etc. and there seems to be no rhyme, reason for logic to it. Anyway, you brought a smile to my face tonight.

    Nice looking old piece of machinery Michael's got himself!

  4. We have an HP printer and there are times it just gives us fits! It seems to have a mind of its own, and I don't think it likes me very well. So, I sure know what you're going through. I know I should do something about the anonymous comments I get, but our internet service is so "iffy" here now is just not the time to even try. I feel lucky when I can even get on line long enough to read a blog... and REALLY, REALLY lucky if I actually get to comment!

  5. I hope that black cloud turns into a sunny day soon. Love Mike's new toy... I keep humming the "Green Acres" theme song!!!

  6. That's a great lookin' tractor!!!

  7. Wow, had an old Ford like that as a kid. I Did disking for brush control in central California for a few dollars in high school. Some kids mow lawns, I did light tractor work. One day I was working and forgot to use the individual foot brakes to turn near a beautiful rail fence. I earned 100 dollars that day, and payed out 200 dollars to replace the fencing I demolished :) Good times.

  8. some days you wonder why you even got out of bed! hope tomorrow is better!
    nice tractor, even better colour!

  9. Neat-O tractor. I think I've always had a secret desire right from a small boy to have my very own real tractor someday.


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