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Thursday, May 16, 2013

You Would Have Lost The Bet Mike

Mike McFall was sure we would be pulling into our driveway sometime late today but nope, we are boondocked on the shore of Lake DeSmet just outside Buffalo, WY, 264 miles from home.  We drove 592 miles today—Aransas Pass, TX sure is a LONG way from Montana!  We saw lots of this today--IMG_6904

Last evening right at dusk the campground was invaded by a group of geology students from Arkansas—probably 40+ young people putting up tents everywhere on the green grass—they all headed off in their vans after setting up the tents, probably to find dinner and they must have been quiet when they returned—we never heard them.


The Palms, our RV park in Aransas Pass was noisy, incredibly noisy for two people used to living in total silence—we hear birds, the creek running, our neighbors’ haying equipment certain times of the year, the radio and our voices—other than those sounds, we listen to quiet.  Noise is disconcerting to both of us and The Palms was noisy—the park has two gates and for some reason the owner decided to lock one of those gates at night and funnel all the park traffic out the road which went right by the front of our motorhome.  The traffic started at 4am, slowed down during the day and picked up again in the evening.  I am not exaggerating to say the traffic was non-stop from about 5pm until way after 10pm.  When Michael was working those odd shifts such as noon to midnight, it was amazing how much traffic was coming in and out of the park at midnight. 

Tonight we are camped on the shore of a Wyoming lake—I can hear the water lapping against the shore and the birds singing—nothing else.  Heavenly!!

IMG_6909A rest stop—the motorhome parked next to ours has Louisiana plates and we asked the couple where they were headed.  In the course of our conversation we discovered they are friends with the pastor of the Baptist church in Big Timber—they are headed to Kalispel, MT where their son pastors a Baptist church and will be running a camp retreat for him.  Small world.

IMG_6916A meadowlark singing his heart out.

IMG_6920The view from our spot for the night.


  1. I know you will both be very happy tomorrow when you finally get back to home. I can understand the relief.

  2. Sure understand your need & enjoyment in 'listening to silence'. It's just the way it is for some of us & what a nice way it is to be too. Just surrounded by the natural sounds of nature........:))

  3. OK, I lost the bet. But I'm glad you didn't push on.....Glad your safe... I sure would like to show you the comfort and peace of mind with a Tire Pressure Monitoring system. I don't sell them, but I shore recommend them.... Especially on that towed unit.......
    Tomorrow you will be HOME,,, it will be quiet!!!

  4. One more short day of driving to go. What a relief that must be. it'll be nice to pull onto your own driveway tomorrow.

  5. As much as we love being on the road it is also very very good to arrive HOME!

  6. You will be clicking your heels today..." There is no place like HOME!" Safe travels and Welcome Home!

  7. Sure glad the drive is going smoothly...if you're like me, the closer to home the more impatient I get... as the other comments say... there's no place like home.

  8. Okay - what is with all the trucks? Road construction? We're coming up that way in a couple of weeks. We always try to stay at Lake DeSmet. We love it there on the lake - especially if it's not on the week-end.

  9. Only a short drive to get you home today. I'm sure the drive will be a good one too!


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