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Monday, May 6, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Michael and I have on occasion discussed going fulltime and we always come to the same conclusion—there is no place like home especially when it is spring in Montana.  The mountains are glistening white with snow, the grass is greening and leaves are starting to appear.  Some of my colorful birds are back—the rosy red finches, the meadow larks are singing away and the chickadees are saying, “it’s about time you got here and refilled our feeders.”

Our travel today was seamless—a little on the rushed side this morning but we made it with plenty of time to spare.  Our car still had wheels this morning. SmileWe left Houston at 6am and landed in Bozeman at 9:42am!!  A stop at Albertson’s for groceries and we were home just after noon!

Mary Lou, Emmi is small enough to fit in a carrier which then fits under the seat in front of us—she isn’t too thrilled with the carrier, she would rather be in our laps but at least we aren’t leaving her in TX while we travel to Montana!! 

As for—you go to the website, enter where you would like to travel and click on the “Bid Now” button.  You will be asked to pick a “star” rating—Rollie said to stick with 3 1/2 star rated hotels.  A long list of hotels will pop up with maps to those hotels.  It helps to know your area—we were just a little on the outskirts of what was considered a safe neighborhood.  Rollie told me where to look and I forgot what he said.  You enter a bid—I entered a ridiculously low bid of $35 and was immediately informed, “not accepted.”  I entered a bid of $45 and was immediately informed this bid had been accepted.  Priceline then tacks on a $14 processing fee.  You must enter your credit card information at the time your bid is accepted.  Check in at the hotel was easy—no problems. 

John, when I traveled extensively for work I was once behind someone in a long, long airport line—our flight had been canceled and we were lining up to get re-booked.  The gate agent told the woman in front of me, “I’m sorry, you booked your tickets with Travelocity, I can’t help you.”  I am sure there were other circumstances affecting the airline’s ability to rebook this woman—did she want to go somewhere else now, was she asking for some compensation the airline was unwilling to give her, etc.  But that comment left a lasting impression on me—I book airline tickets with the airlines. 

We took the little Toyota MR2 out for a spin this afternoon going back into town to visit with Nat.  We ended up getting a pizza at the new place in town and taking it out to his house.  It was a great day for a top down drive!


Remember this blog post about FedEx—I felt FedEx had mislead me with a quote versus an estimate, charging me more to ship an item months after the fact.  Calls to FedEx got me nowhere and I eventually paid the bill rather than have our excellent credit destroyed.  But when I paid the bill I Googled “CEO of FedEx Freight” and wrote the guy a letter including copies of all my documents.  When we were at home the last time and got mail there was a letter from FedEx stating, “it appears you have overpaid an invoice in the amount……..”  I was to sign the form and return it which I did.  Look what I got in the mail today!!!! 


And remember the Rockport RV park owner/creep who kept our $100 deposit as well as the $100 deposit of our friends Jim and Ellie—when I complained to the Better Business Bureau I received a letter stating the dispute could not be settled—it was a he said/she said situation and the BBB would not do anything further unless there was another complaint.  I immediately sent Jim and Ellie an email and they fired off a letter to the BBB.  Jim got a notice back which stated the Southern Star RV Resort had not responded to his complaint and as a result would now have an unfavorable rating on the Better Business Bureau site. 

So, score two for us!!  I still wish there was some way I could write a review on but you can’t post a review unless you have stayed at the RV park, dang it!!  That would be the place to really get his goat!!

We are very weary after getting up at 3am and I hear my bed calling—this was a way wordy blog!!!

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  1. Is the Rockport RV park the one in Texas?

    I'm sure it would rattle their cage if enough people emailed them stating that when we are in the area we will NOT stay there.


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