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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Early Morning Wake Up Call

My sister Ann goes to work quite early in the morning—she lives about 45 minutes from Little Rock where she works and is on the road early, early—as in just after 5am Montana time, 6am Arkansas time.  Someone sent her a text this morning, she glanced at the phone to see who it was putting the phone back in her purse where it promptly dialed the last number she called—ours.  I must have been dead to the world, I never heard the phone ring but Michael did—he went back to sleep so all was well.

It’s been a great day—I will start off with the best part—we were invited down to Shirley and George’s for wine this afternoon.  We spent two hours catching up and answering questions about this oil rig business.  We enjoyed some great wine George had picked out, some cheese and crackers along with a whole lot of visiting with great friends! 

Yesterday we brought the Tin Tee Pee back up to the house and today we started working on it again.  I sanded some cabinets and Michael grouted the tile countertop.  It feels good to be working on the little Avion again.

Nat came for lunch and after lunch Michael showed Nat some of the recent photos of the hull and rig we had taken.  They spent almost two hours talking oil rigs—Rollie, I think it is in Mr. Clark’s blood!!

IMG_6853Lazy horses enjoying the morning sunshine.

IMG_6862A new nest with no eggs yet.  The robins are trying to nest everywhere—on top of light fixtures, on top of the window awnings—pesky!!!

IMG_6867 I even sleep with my ball!

A very good day in Montana.

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  1. "Strange things are done under the midnight sun, by the men who toil for oil" Well I guess the sun isn't around at midnight down there in Corpus Christi, but the oil business can get in your blood. It is almost as addictive as gold mining I think! But it has kept four generations of my family employed and well fed. Paid for a few farms along the way also.


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