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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Things A Girl Has To Do

Just to get internet!!  I was scheduled to participate in Rick Doyle’s Google+ Hangout this morning—I had little post-it notes all over the house reminding me.  We were surfing the internet about 6:30am when all of a sudden—no connection.  I did the normal stuff—unplugged the router, etc. but still no internet. 

OK, no internet and I didn’t have Rick’s phone number.  I thought of calling LoraLee—they have a different internet provider--and have her send Rick an email for me but I couldn’t even access Rick’s email address!!  By this time I am getting antsy—I don’t like to plan something and then not show up.  So, I grabbed the smart phone and headed up into the hayfield to the highest spot up there—yea, I have a signal.  I was able to access email and send Rick a heads up.  Later in the day I thought—I could have had LoraLee sign in to my Gmail account and send an email that way—she would have then had access to Rick’s email address. 

The things a girl has to do in the wilds of Montana just to send an email—slip sliding around in the mud trying to find a cell signal!!!

Emmi needed a bath and haircut—I really cut her close, she will stay cleaner in all this mud and attract less burrs and stickers.

Have you ever started water running in the sink and walked away for just a second.  I was folding clothes back in the bedroom and kept hearing this strange noise.  As I was walking down the hallway it hit me what the noise was—Niagara Falls in my laundry/mud room!!!  The floor is really clean and so is the cabinet underneath the sink! Smile

We got the longarm back in operation and I got a good start unloading boxes.  Lonnie and LoraLee were to have branded calves tomorrow but there’s been way too much rain—so I will get to finish unpacking tomorrow. 

Internet came back on about 1:30 this afternoon—we really are fortunate living this far from a town to have DSL service.  My family in Arkansas live 10 miles from town and still have dial-up with no hope of getting high speed any time in the near future.  My brother as well as Mom and Chuck have gone the cellphone provider route with MiFi devices. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with those poor people in the path of that tornado in Oklahoma. 


  1. The things you have to do to live in the most beautiful parts of this country!

  2. Sounds like you had quite a day, Janna, what with the Internet and then the washing machine. I appreciate you climbing mountains just to get a signal so you could let me know your Internet was down but you shouldn't have!! Then again, it is a pretty funny blog story. We all missed you but we'll catch you next time for sure.

  3. It is really something about the tornadoes down here. Several came thru yesterday south of Okla. City and then today an EF4, 1.5 miles wide went thru Moore OK. 51 deceased and many missing. A terrible tragedy. And the forecast is for more severe weather tomorrow!!
    Don in Okla.

  4. Sometimes I "hate" technology as it sometimes lets one down at "inopportune" times. Sounds like you had "a day!" Tomorrow will be better!

  5. Yours was an interesting blog to read. The effort to access Rick's email was quite visual. So was the bit about overflowing water in the laundry room.

  6. A long time ago when my girls were small I started the water for the dishes in the sink and went to tell the girls something. They were in their bedroom watching "The Three Stooges" It was too funny, so I stayed and watched too. When I finally came back into the kitchen the water was in the kitchen cupboard down the floor and out to the living room. What a mess!!! And it was not even a Senior Moment!! Lots of cleaning up and throwing away to do.


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