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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Geez It’s Hot!!

100 degrees in Goodland, Kansas this evening, 100 degrees!!!!  Michael and I got a chuckle from all the comments which told us we had Paul Dahl disease or gosh, 417 miles was a long way to go in one day.  Today we traveled 600 miles exactly—yesterday we were thinking was a light day for us--only 417 miles!!  Michael gets behind the wheel of any vehicle and off we go—10 hours, 12 hours—most days if I don’t just say, “OK, this is where we are stopping!”, he would go longer and farther. 

The morning started out nice and cool—it rained most of the night but about noon across the plains of Kansas the sun came out and the temps started rising again.  We had to turn on the generator and run two air conditioners to stay even reasonably cool.

This is a Keep On Adding park—KOA Smileand for the whopping sum of $36 we are parked in a dusty, dirty gravel RV park with full hookups including 50amps—and as it is 99 degrees, 50 amps are important!!  It will do for one night—we would be boondocking if it wasn’t so hot!! 

Early this morning we saw these giant power poles being erected.  Michael noticed the helicopter hovering over one of the poles--

IMG_6894The helicopter was lowering the cross beams and that arrow is pointing to a man up there on top of that tall pole who appeared to be securing the beams—not a job I would want!!

Happy Birthday dear brother!  I was almost six years old when Ross was born and remember Mom bringing him home from the hospital.  He was the first male grandchild born into Dad’s side of the family and oh, my—what a celebration, he’s been spoiled rotten ever since—but we do love him, very much! 


  1. I'm planning our trip to MT and I have a couple of days where we are going 70 miles. Not sure we can handle the 250 mile days I have planned. A couple more days and you'll be home.

  2. I'll bet ya that tomorrow when Mike cranks up and takes off, he won't shut 'er down until he rolls into the home place.... How much ya wanta bet? We'll see....

    If it was me, I'd be takin out about 3-4 am...Its cool then!!

    just be safe..

  3. You two are clearly deadheading for home. We don't think 400 miles is a long day....we were just surprised you had stopped early. LOL

  4. 600 miles? I still think you're nuts! :)

  5. My money's with Mike. Bet you will be sleeping in your home bed tomorrow night.:-)

  6. Glad you r rolling along. We have spent the last 4 days at Lazydays Rv Park. Tucson weather has been beautiful. Guys rode their Harleys up Mt. Lemmon while us girls shopped. Hope u get out of the heat tomorrow.

  7. Very long days but I guess you are excited to get back the Montana cooler weather! Drive safely.

    We are hot, as well, here on Lake Powell. Mid 90's is too much for hiking and I have three hikes I want to do before we leave Sunday. Time for this heat to move on.

    Stay cool!

  8. I doubt I could ever do 600 miles in a day pulling our 5'er. I'm betting you're home tonight too - or early Friday at the latest.


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