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Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Yoga Kind Of Day

A chilly, windy morning greeted us after all our rain yesterday.  No more rain today but low hanging clouds made us think it might pour rain again any minute.

Our yoga instructor Ebbie is graduating on Saturday and will be a bona fide, certified yoga instructor.  The yoga group—we named ourselves The Dirt Road Yoga Group—as most of us including Ebbie live on gravel roads—decided to surprise Ebbie with a salad luncheon after our yoga session to celebrate her graduation.  When we finished our yoga Ebbie asked us all if we would like to watch her demonstrate horseback yoga—this will be part of her graduating presentation on Saturday.  Oh, my!  Not only is Ebbie a great yoga instructor, she is fantastic on a horse.  This is a short little video showing one part of her presentation.


IMG_7018Notice the horse’s expression—she is totally bored with it all!

IMG_7021The horse is saying, “would you mind telling me what you are doing up there???”

A great time spent with new and old friends!

Back home Emmi let me know she wasn’t pleased about being home alone as Michael was also gone this morning over to the West Boulder to help Lonn with a project.  She forgave me after we played ball for a while. 

I potted all the tomato plants and herbs we purchased the other day placing the containers on a cart, bringing it into the living room—I am worried it might get a little too chilly outside tonight!  And, I got a little quilting done—all in all, a very good day!


  1. Yoga on a horse? Now that's interesting!

  2. That horse was too funny and your phrasing fit his looks to a "T." But yoga on a horse!!??

  3. I think Yoga looks weird on the floor - but, on a horse? That's really weird.

  4. Has anyone figured out how to yoga on a motorcycle? Seriously though, simply moving around is healthy whether on a horse or on a floor.

  5. My family is "crazy " for horses, and into yoga, bet they never thought of combining the two!


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