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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can You Believe We Went To Billings

And that we left the house at the ungodly hour of 6am this morning!!!  Our Ford F350 has been misbehaving lately—remember Michael had the engine out of the truck last summer—so he decided to seek expert help this time and we had an appointment with G and J Diesel in Billings at 8am this morning. 

IMG_6868We only went to have the truck diagnosed as we need to keep using it for a while.  It is our only snow worthy vehicle here in Montana—the jeep is in Texas and the Toyota MR2 doesn’t cooperate on icy/snowy roads.   We will take it in to have the work done when we are home next and when the spring weather stabilizes. 

Just down the street from the truck place is Law Dog Hats—I have a custom hat made by Randy and we gave Lonn one for Christmas one year.  The husband decided today was his day to order a custom hat.


IMG_6873I tried to talk him into that bright red color hanging there on the wallSmile but he wasn’t buying that!  He settled for a silver one in the same style he now wears. 


Randy/Law Dog does a fabulous job with hats and has a thriving business. 

We made a quick run into Costco—no groceries to speak of, just wine, oil for changing the oil in vehicles, etc.  Then it was on to lunch at our favorite spot in Billings—Jakes.  Delicious as usual.

Back home we retrieved Emmi and are now getting ready to head out to Jeane and Steve’s for dinner.  We are just the social butterflies this week!!


  1. According to weatherbug, it seems you had pretty good weather in Billings today. Randy sure does make beautiful hats. Our good friend has one of his hats and he loves it.

  2. What's up with the diesel? Just curious....seeing as we own one.

    You are true social butterflies. Nothing wrong with that!

    Looking forward to seeing the new hat.

  3. Hubby always wears a hat, usually a cowboy one. I remember going into a hat store out there somewhere last summer. That was probably the one but maybe not. I kinda go into a fog in such shops!

  4. It's always interesting to me to see all the different styles of Cowboy hats. I guess the hat says something about the owner - I just don't know what it might be!


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