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Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Very, Very Long Day

Up at 2:30am, out the door at 3:45am, over to Lonnie’s (poor Lonnie) and on to the airport for our 6am flight.  It is now almost 9pm and we are both exhausted.  It was a good flying day—all on time, even early and Emmi performed like a champ again.

Rollie was kind enough to grill hamburgers for our dinner and we got to admire Thomas and Ashley’s new boat!!  Now we hear our bed calling us!

Here in Texas is a chain of convenience stores called Buc-ee’s—one of these stores between here and Houston is huge—we like stopping there as they have a wonderful place to walk Emmi plus they have these entertaining signs:



IMG_6877The sign behind this one states:  “Your Dog Did His Duty, Now Do Yours.”  SmileIn spite of all the signs, Emmi and I did spot evidence someone either can’t read or they have no manners!


  1. Glad you a great trip back and that Emmi did well.

    How cute are those signs! Too bad that someone had to put them up.

  2. I would believe that any dog owner who does not scoop in a public park, well that is just plain ole nasty!!

  3. butterbean carpenterMay 14, 2013 at 3:31 PM


    Glad the trip was a good one and all was well in the mountains!!! Those signs at Buc'ees are very plain spoken, but then there are Democrats traveling around, who can't read & don't obey any kind of normal 'manners!!!
    Sure do hope y'all are 'climatized' to the humidity and can make it through the 'summer', down there!!!
    Poor Emmi, she'll just have to 'sweat' it out or stay indoors!!! You cook my type of meals; wish I was close enough to be 'invited' to one!!!


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