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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We Are On Our Way

Pulled out of The Palms at 7:15am this morning with hugs from Mom and Rollie with a few tears shed by me!  And can you believe it, we are stopped, hooked up to 50amp power and running two air conditioners at 3pm!!!  Yes, my horse going to the barn actually stopped at about 2:30 this afternoon after driving 417 miles.  The temps really started to rise just after noon and by the time we stopped it was 91 degrees!!  Mercy!!! 

We drove through San Antonio and are parked in Abilene State Park about 20 miles south of Abilene, TX.  Our plan is to angle over into Colorado and skirt the high temperatures Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are experiencing! 

IMG_6883Michael used the jeep to park the trailer in the street then backed the motorhome and connected the trailer.  Rollie came home from work to tell us goodbye so he helped Michael load the jeep while I visited with Mom. 

Our only excitement was hitting a piece of tire rubber in the road—when we stopped at a picnic area to walk Emmi the only damage we could see was one of the side running lights had been wiped off the trailer—no big deal. 

IMG_6893The view out our windows here in Abilene State Park—we had to use some bacon grease to get into this site and the front of the motorhome is just barely out of the road.  It’s a beautiful park, lots of green trees and as we don’t watch TV—satellite reception isn’t an issue for us.  But the park was obviously built before the age of “big rigs.”  This area is also experiencing a drought—there is a lake and it is only 10% of full!!  Our Millenicom aircard is performing OK and so is the cellphone. 

Onward tomorrow!


  1. 417 miles is an awful lot for one day. It's no wonder he stopped!

  2. butterbean carpenterMay 14, 2013 at 3:51 PM

    Howdy Janna,
    Well you went 45 miles to far and we don't charge anything to STOP & VISIT at the RunningStar Ranch!!!
    If Mike wasn't going to make Amarillo & I-40 y'all should have come by!!!

    Hope you have a safe trip the rest of the way!!!

  3. I would say that 417 miles is a pretty darned good day of driving. Wishing you smooth roads and little traffic.

  4. As much as you love Montana, it must be hard leaving people you love behind. Travel safe. 417 miles is getting close to Paul Disease or whatever they call it.

  5. That's PDD when you cover that many zillions of miles in one day. And you're still in Texas. It's worse than going across Montana and that can take forever. Be safe.

  6. Long driving day and hot temps is not the best combo:(

  7. one day under your belts!..sleep well onward to the adventures tomorrow!

  8. You have your own little mini caravan happening!! Safe travels and lower temperatures!! You will be home before you know it! (Are you driving the jeep?? If so, you could speed ahead, have a QS fix and Michael wouldn't even know that you were missing....:o)))


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