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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Cowboy Doesn’t Like Tofu

Can you imagine??  IMG_6984We are trying to consume less meat, I saw this recipe on a blog and decided to try it.  Needless to say, that recipe went in the trash tonight—I liked it but the cowboy didn’t!!  One of the ingredients was bok choy—in Big Timber??--give me a break! SmileSmileSo, I substituted spinach which we both like.  The recipe was to be served over rice—the only rice I had was wild rice so I used orzo pasta.  The spinach, pasta and the overall sauce the cowboy liked—it was the tofu which got him!!  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

Yoga was a delight again today.  Ebbie the instructor is a joy—and the group of ladies are so fun to be around.  A couple of the ladies I have known since I moved here in 1994—one of them was even at our wedding.  The remainder of the group present today I have known a long time—it’s just such a good thing we have this opportunity close to home!

Michael brought his 1995 Ford diesel pickup down off the hill and into the garage again.  If you remember this is a work horse of a truck we have owned for years—one day in the summer of 2007 it ran, the next day it would not run and my super mechanic husband has not been able to find the issue.  We’ve had help from a blog reader who sent us links to Ford sites and forums.  We have ordered this part and that part and still the truck will not run.  This week Michael broke down and ordered a set of service manuals for 1995 Ford diesel pickups—I am going to have faith he will get it running this time!

After lunch I tilled the rest of the garden—that’s a job!  Just as I was finishing up a thunderstorm came blowing across the mountains and dumped rain—there was water running everywhere!  Emmi and I managed to get inside without getting too wet—Michael was in the garage.  Sure hope it didn’t wash out of the ground all the seeds I planted yesterday!


Another busy spring day in Montana.


  1. The recipe sounded good til you got to the tofu. I eat everything...except that. Try beans or lentils for your meat replacement to replace the protein. So much tastier.

    Hope your seeds are still there!! Don't forget to take a picture of your garden!!!

  2. No tofu at our house. I'd have to add some chicken to that recipe.

  3. I'm not sure what Tofu is really made of but it's definitely not edible.

  4. Tofu is a love or hate addition to the diet, so this is probably a lost cause. Still, understand there are various ages and textures from very soft custard-like to aged, hard used in pickles and otherhighly acidic dishes. Start with a firm tofu, slice it about 1/4" thick, and saute in the sauce of the dish. Make it an addition to a meat-based capsules that Mike and you already like ... beef arrogance, for instance. Concentrate on giving it as much flavor as you can. DO NOT attempt a dish with tofu as the principal protein until Mike has completely accepted as an addition to other dishes. Best of luck.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Casoulet not capsules, stroganoff not arrogance - damned auto-correct.

  7. I think you have a title to a new hit country song..."My cowboy doesn't like tofu". Perhaps performed by Miranda Lambert or Trisha Yearwood! lol

  8. Tofu! Tried it and don't like it! I share Mike's reaction.

    God on you for connecting with close by friends in an activity you all enjoy.

    I hope Mike finds the problem with the truck.

  9. Remember, God gave us steak for a good reason.:-)

  10. Howdy Janna,
    TRYING ONE MORE TIME !!!! I have re-set my GOOGLE info about six times,passwords at least a dozen, but still it won't take my comments, so, her's another attempt to get through !!!!!!! We'll see....

  11. VOILA, IT WORKED !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Howdy Janna, Mike& Emmi,
    I'm not a 'picky' eater by a long shot, but when it comes to tofu: FRY it in bacon grease, saute it in garlic and sprinkle it with chili powder and it MIGHT be edible!!!!! You're an Arkie skeerdy-cat, them rattlers and bears only want to get-away from you !!!!
    Sure hope the gully-washers don't carry your seeds away, but if they do, just walk down the mountain and pick the veggies!!!!
    Tell Mike to re-paint that I-H color on the Ford tractor to a FORD gray or blue; just the wheels are supposed to be red !!!!!


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