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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anonymous Comments

If it were a perfect, trusty worthy world I could leave the “anonymous comment” feature activated on my blog.  But it is not a perfect world and there are crazy idiots out there with nothing to do but drive the rest of us crazy.   And folks, it isn’t just a comment telling me, “hey check out this blog…or product….or some other gobbly gook.”  The last few days it has been nasty, vile comments that I have no desire to see or read.  Several times a day I must check the blog to make sure this trash hasn’t made it to my comment section.  Blogger Dashboard does catch dozens of these trash comments daily but some are slipping through.  All bloggers are complaining about the trash.  As of today I am disabling the “anonymous comment” feature on the blog—it will not be back unfortunately until the Blogger platform finds a way to stop this spam.

I am sorry—Don in OK, I really enjoy your comments.  Rosilita, I am sorry—you are a dear friend and I enjoy seeing your comments.  To you guys and all our other anonymous commenters—there are ways to leave comments and although I am NOT the geek Rick is I will attempt to explain how.

At the bottom of any blog you will see this:


Click on the word “Comments” and you will get this white box.

IMG_6944Type your comment then Click “Publish” if you are using a Google Account as show above.  If you stay signed in to your Google account all the time as I do,  your comment will be instantly published. 

If you don’t stay signed in, you will see this screen:

IMG_6951Simple enter your Google account password and click “Sign In” and your comment will be published. 

IF you don’t have a Google account click the little arrow beside the words “Google Account” and this list will pop down. 


If you have any of these accounts pictured below (thanks Rick) you have an OpenID


Type your comment first and click on OpenID


This screen will appear and this is where people get confused!


We have a Yahoo account—I simply searched for OpenID on the Yahoo site and after signing in with my Yahoo password was immediately given an OpenID identifier, a URL address about a mile long . I don’t have to remember that long, complicated phrase if I want to use OpenID to sign into someone’s blog in order to leave a comment—I simply can type in the OpenID spot. 

IMG_6947When I click “Continue” the following screen appears:

IMG_6948Click on “Agree” and your comment is immediately posted.

(Don’t ask me how our Yahoo account was set up as Mike and ClarkSmile)

Rick wrote an excellent post a while back explaining exactly what Open ID is and how to use it if you have a Blogger account.  I hope this helps those of you who do have a Yahoo account and might want to leave a comment on the blog. 

I respect anyone’s desire to avoid the reaches of the internet—I hope you can also respect my desire to stop these idiots from being able to leave trash comments on the blog. 


  1. I certainly can understand why you would be annoyed. Love reading about your travels and your beautiful state. Thanks Sharon

  2. The Internet certainly has opened the world in good ways. Being able to read blogs like yours and seeing parts of the country I wouldn't see otherwise. You and so many other RV/hobbist/good people share information that is so invaluable to me as a hopeful future RV'er. I completely understand your disabling the anonymous commenter. Don't give it a second thought. Just know there are readers who appreciate your blog but don't comment.

  3. Those spam comments were driving me nuts...removing the anonymous comment feature took care of that. Thanks for explaining so thoroughly how to leave a comment for legitimate anonymous users.

  4. I haven't quite gotten to this point yet (my sisters all comment on my blog anonymously still), but I know where you are coming from. Spam comments have been ramping up on my blog, too, but so far all but an occasional one are getting caught by the spam filter. I don't know who these people are, but I wish they would get a life!!

  5. I ended up getting rid of them also. Just couldn't handle it any longer and I only had one true anonymous commenter who is a friend. When we get to Billings I'm going to show her how she can comment. This was a great explanation. Thanks.

  6. Great explanation, Janna, well done! Like you've now done, I finally gave up the ghost on anonymous comments on my blog. It was getting to be too much of hassle constantly checking my blog to remove spam.

    I don't believe it is extraordinarily onerous to expect anyone to obtain some kind of ID to leave a comment. Anyone can easily obtain a legitimate ID and still use some kind of nickname when commenting.

  7. Good explanation. Thanks! Bill is hoping you post pictures of the Ford tractor today!

  8. So many bloggers have been having this problem. Really sad. We've been lucky to this point...knock on wood.

  9. I'm surprised it took you so long to do this. Those nasty comments are intolerable.

  10. I did the very same thing only a few days ago. I grew tired of checking our blog to remove Anonymous Comments. Too bad....but it is our reality.


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