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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Well, I Guess I Will Still Be Quilting

I didn’t win the lottery—I never buy a lottery ticket unless the payoff gets so high it is unimaginable--maybe because I never pay any attention to the lottery until all the hype starts about the dollar amount being so large.  So about once a year I splurge and buy that $2 ticket—easy come, easy go! Smile

One and a half inches of rain in the gauge this morning and it has rained all day, hard rain at times.  Lonnie felt like cooking today and invited us to lunch.  As I had all ready invited Nat for Sunday lunch we just loaded up and headed over to the West Boulder.  I made some of Brenda’s cheesy potatoes and took some green beans to cook.  LoraLee had cut up watermelon and made a wonderful strawberry pie.  Let’s just say we all dined sufficiently!! 

Just think, a week ago today we were packing the motorhome and trailer, sweating in the heat and humidity of Texas.  Today it is 44 degrees, raining and we have a fire in the woodstove downstairs.  And we are not complaining. 

The motorhome sat in Texas for almost six months—it rained there, hard at times, there was a heavy, heavy dew most mornings and we never had a roof leak.  I went out to the motorhome for something this morning and stepped in a puddle—GRRRRR!  Michael thinks it was because the motorhome was parked at such a steep angle, water ran in through the air conditioner.  He went out, started the motorhome and put it in a more level spot.  I haven’t gotten up the nerve to go out there yet to see if the leak is gone!  We also have a leak in the Tin Tee Pee—we parked it for the winter in the shed belonging to our neighbor and just recently brought it back to the house so we could again start working on it.  The trailer has really old type fans in the ceiling and is leaking around one of those—we had plastic sheeting on the hardwood floors to protect the wood from paint, etc. so no harm was done by this leak—a bucket is now catching all the water. Smile 

Life is good, really good!

Oh, I forgot—Michael went to an auction yesterday—a neighbor retiring and selling off all his treasures.  My dear husband bought a tractor, a 1950-60ish Ford tractor.  Did we need another tractor??  Guess so! Smile


  1. Those old Fordson's are great tractors, but he probably paid pretty near what it was worth new. I know my 4020 cost me more than the guy who bought it new 40 years before paid. But he did look after it pretty well.

  2. A man can never have to many of the four t's . Tools, Trucks, Tractors, utility Trailers :)

  3. My husband has a '53' Ford Tractor with loader and disc. We would not be without it around the place. Isn't home wonderful! So glad you are back in Montana. I love seeing all your Montana pictures.

  4. 44 and rain?? Well, it's still dry and 100 here. But since we're heading north starting next week I do hope it warms up a little bit.

  5. It's always amazing to me how water finds any spot available to leak through and then when I look for the leak, I can never find it!!! On our old 5'er, I used Eternabond tape around all the roof fixtures and that worked perfectly - not a drop of water, ever!!

  6. Mike might be right. Let us know if by leveling the coach, the problem is solved.

    It appears you two are back into the routine of Montana life.


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