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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Sad Day



When we went for our walk this morning as we crested the hill Michael said, “that doesn’t look good.”  I expected to see smoke or fire as we have so many wildfires around us but when I looked up the hill, I could see my horse Mr. Red—he was dead.  He was fine yesterday, eating grass.

When I married Michael I had ridden a horse maybe twice in my entire life.  I rode a retired racehorse of Michael’s for a while until we had a major disagreement one day—he ran away with me!!  We then purchased Mr. Red.  I’ve never been a fan of horses (they scare me to death) but Mr. Red never gave me a moments’ fright.  I rode him on pack trips into the mountains—he was a great horse, easy to catch, easy disposition.   We stopped riding several years ago—life and jobs interfered I think and Mr. Red became kind of gimpy—so we didn’t ride him any more.  He was 21 years old—we will miss him!

We’ve spent this incredibly hot and dry day loading the motorhome—we are going camping with Lonn, LoraLee, Katie and Michael.  The folks in the path of Issac are getting deluged with rain—our humidity is 10%, the wind is blowing hard, there are fires all over the state—it is so dry we could almost spontaneously combust!!!

Tonight we are heading over to Terry and Boo’s for a huge treat—Terry grew up on the Chesapeake Bay and still owns property in that area—he had lobsters flown in Smile and we are invited to dinner—how cool is that, lobster in Montana!!! 


  1. So sorry about Mr. Red..... that is very sad,,,I remember when he walked right up to us and I petted him...

    Envy you guys enjoying that lobster..

    It is extremly hot and dry over here too,,, Have fun on your camping trip....

  2. Hope Mr. Red went peacefully into the good night...

  3. I'm so sorry about Mr. Red. I'm afraid of horses also but he sounds like he would have been gentle enough for even me. Be safe out there camping with all the fires and smoke.

  4. Very sorry to hear about the loss of Mr. Red. He sure was a beautiful looking horse.

  5. sorry to hear about Mr, Red, can only hope he went quietly.

  6. Always saddens me to hear of an animal's death. Doubly sad if it is a beloved member of the family. I don't know a whole lot about horses but I'm sure if I had been around them more like you folks have I would be quite attached to them for sure. And, I too would be very saddened by the loss.........

  7. You no doubt carry good memories of Mr. Red. It seems he had a good life too.

    Camping sounds inviting. Hope you find a nice, cool lake or stream to help ease the high temperatures.

  8. My condolences. I just lost one of my horses the same way, here today gone tomorrow. She was 29, so had a good long life.


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