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Friday, August 10, 2012

It’s Good To Be Home

Yes, there are good things about going RVing and there are good things about coming home.  We love traveling in the motorhome but we love coming home too—how does that happen?? 

Remember the rock project Michael started when we first got home in March this year??IMG_2705He finished this part of the wall which faces the front yard, we planted new shrubs and flowers then re-mulched the bed.  Michael got part of the other wall facing the driveway finished before other projects interfered.  Today he started on this project again, YEA!!

He also worked hard in our pastures cleaning up—organizing some of his treasures—looking good!

Laundry, granola making and quilting summed up my day.  I did make a town run this afternoon for various errands. 

Once again Rick solves my problems.  For the longest time I would take movies using my Canon camera, export those movies plus photos to Picasa but could never find my movie clips in Picasa.  I fiddled around with Picasa for hours last night trying to solve this mystery—I could watch the movies on the camera screen, just couldn’t locate those same movies once they were downloaded to the computer.  Sent Rick an email this morning and once he sent me a reply, I followed his steps and success—I have movies and so do you!   I used Rick’s “embedded” route which he described in a November, 2010 post—there sure was a lot of snow on Vancouver Island then! 

Michael and me KayakingJane took this photo of Michael, Emmi and me.  You can just barely see little Emmi between us. 


  1. nice job on getting the video on your post!..great to have a computer helper out there in blogville!
    if that was Tucker in the kayak?..well, that wouldn't happen..he would have swam across the lake and met you at the other side!

  2. Wonder how you would feel if the RV was your home? You guys always have so many projects going you would probably get bored if you were on the road for too long. lol

  3. Love the photo of you two in the canoe. You are right, it is always good to get back home.

  4. Great job on the video, Janna. That is one nice waterfall. We always love getting back home as well after a trip. Great shot of you guys in the canoe.

  5. Been reading through your blog Janna, and I so enjoy the stories of your life with Michael, the ranch life, the jelly, and yes, even the smoke hiding the mountains. It is the same here in our part of Oregon as well, and was smoky over most of Idaho and Oregon as we drove home last weekend. You are so right! It is good to go and good to get home. I don't know how that works either, but it works.


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