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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Off To Billings

That’s what happened this morning after our walk, we were off to Billings.  Emmi got to spend the day with Nat—a good thing for both of them!

In the days before marrying Michael almost 18 years ago I had dressy clothes galore—I went to church, I socialized, I dressed for business, I had lots of dressy stuff.  While married to Michael I have worked as a medical consultant, traveling several times a month—had lots of business clothes.  When we socialize here in Montana the dressiest I get is a nice blouse with jeans.  When I go to church out here in Montana, pants and even jeans suffice.  Well, I guess I’ve lived in the boonies too long and also put on a few pounds—got rid of all my dressy clothes and the ones I do have left don’t fit so great any more.  In September I have a wedding to attend in Kansas City—Coldwater Creek was having a great sale and I’m all decked out now!  So glad I didn’t get rid of my dressy shoes—at least I saved Michael some money there!!!!!!

Lunch was a quick bite grabbed at Costco—my shopping for clothes took a little longer than expected—and we were off to the Yellowstone Vein Clinic.  Yep, the doctor confirmed exactly what I all ready knew—I have a varicose vein! Smile If all things work according to plan I’m scheduled to have that sucker fixed!

More stops at Home Depot, Costco and Wal Mart before we pointed that full to the brim jeep toward home.


On our last trip to Wal Mart a couple weeks ago, I purchased for Emmi two new squeaky ducks.  Well, those made in China ducks fell apart the very first time she played with them—the “hair” fell off all over my house.  Back those things went today and Ellie and Dortha, you will be glad to know Emmi still has a regular duck but she also has this new one too.  And it’s ugly!



  1. We're headed for Billings on Sunday without the rig. Not sure I can handle this. We have doctor appts on Monday and some work to be done on the truck. So we're staying in a motel for two nights. I'm already having nightmares about it.

  2. new food and a new duck! is good!

  3. Good Grief - looks like that poor duck got plucked and left for dead! Miss Emmi doesn't seem to mind, though.

  4. It's amazing how a wardrobe changes once we retire. The item I most liked getting rid of was ties - horrible things.

    I guess I won't be buying any doggie toys at Costco.

  5. So true that the wardrobe demands change when one is retired. I don't miss the suit and ties....and the meetings too.

    Nice haul from Costco. The little 1`2 volt refrigerator is a nice idea for keeping certain foods cool on the drive back.


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