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Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Special Day

Mike and Pat joined us on our walk this chilly morning—Pat was wearing a jacket!  After our walk we headed out for the local tourist attraction, Natural Bridge, taking the usual photos!


We arrived back home about 11am—Nat was coming for lunch so Pat and I got busy!  Pork tenderloin, roasted vegetables such as squash and carrots both from my garden, roasted green beans and a salad from the garden.  Homemade ice cream and fresh peaches for dessert.  Another fabulous meal!  Mike and Pat enjoyed meeting Nat.

Pat and I managed to sneak down to the quilt studio with Pat doing a little shopping and we also played with the longarm.  Mike and Mike sat upstairs solving the problems of the world.

About 4pm I suggested taking a “looking for bears” drive.  We bundled lawn chairs and happy hour makings into the truck along with Emmi and off we went up Lewis Gulch.  No bears but beautiful scenery.  As Pat said, “we have lots of happy hours but not many like that, beautiful scenery and great company.”  We agreed totally!

  IMG_4504One happy little stick chasing dog.

OK, so we drive twenty miles round trip on a bumpy, bumpy road looking for bears and what happens—we hit the mother lode when we get home!!!  Mike suggests we continue our drive on up into the hay pasture and look over into the gulches where the chokecherry bushes grow—we might get lucky and see a bear.  Nope, no bears in the gulch.  As we are leaving Michael decides to drive out across the hayfield with the intent of getting close enough to the gulch in which the house is located—maybe we will see a bear.  Michael spots them first on the horizon coming out of the neighbor’s hayfield.  Not one, but THREE!!!  The distance to the bears was greater than the zoom on my camera and it was getting dark.




We snuck across the field and got just a touch closer before they all disappeared into the trees.  Pat came here wanting to see bears and we treat our guests right—she got to see three bears!

It was just the best of days—thanks Mike and Pat for sharing it with us!


  1. Oh, what a tremendous experience. Wow...

  2. nice of you to supply the 'bear sightings' great that must have been!!

  3. Mike & Janna....Thank you for the wonderful day. A morning walk, a trip to Natural Bridge, a delicious lunch, getting to meet Nat who is a delightful person, Happy Hour on the top of a mountain with wonderful friends, and then to top it off, I get to see not only one bear but three. God has truly blessed us with wonderful RV'ing friends and you both are "very special". Looking forward to another day with you before we continue our journey back to Custer.
    Oh...forgot to mention my time in the quilt studio getting tips from a "Pro" and doing a little shopping :-)).....what a treat. Thanks again!........Hugs..........

  4. what a wonderful treat to show your guests. I didn't realize there are also brown bear in MT. So glad you all had a wonderful time.

  5. Does Mike always wear a gun for your morning walk?

  6. I can only emphasize what Ms Pat said. What a wonderful place with wonderful people!.... Both Mike's were well armed "for bear" on our walk....
    Enjoying the good life and praising the Lord for every minute of it!!

  7. Beautiful area. Montana is still my favorite place.

  8. Well done! You treated your guest right and showed them some local bears in beautiful, scenic countryside.


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