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Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Gorgeous Setting

For the last few days our weather has been hot and smoky.  Friday night it rained a bit, cooled off and the weather was perfect for an outdoor party in one of the most beautiful places in Montana—the Paradise Valley.  The phone rang on Friday and it was our friend and realtor, Gwen, who said, “thank God you are back, what are you doing tomorrow night?”  Gwen manages a group of properties for a wealthy absentee landowner—he was having a party and Gwen needed a photographer—I was elected. 

Off we went yesterday afternoon to just beyond Livingston—beautiful house, spectacular setting.  I took 250 photographs but perhaps the most stressful (at least for me) were the ones the family wanted taken to be used on a Christmas card—they have six, very tall, gorgeous children (young adults)—we got that task out of the way early and the photos turned out well. 

Tables were set up on the lawn, the food was catered by a great restaurant out of Livingston and there was a band for your listening and dancing pleasure.  The evening was special—we knew some of the people present and enjoyed visiting with them and meeting others.  I looked around at the mountains surrounding us and was very thankful we live in this beautiful place. 

While I won’t post any of the photos containing the family here are a few others I took last night:

IMG_4175Gwen and MichaelIMG_4182IMG_4196IMG_4282Jeane and MichaelIMG_4376These were delicious!!

We rolled into Nat’s about 10pm, grabbed Emmi and dodged the deer on our way up the Boulder arriving home and rolling into bed about midnight—way, way past our bedtime!!! 


  1. Great location for a party. Those cupcakes sure looked good. Glad to hear you were happy with the family photos - that's a lot of pressure!

  2. Beautiful scenery. Glad y'all had a good time. Now I have never seen you stress about anything. I didn't think anyone who could live in such a beautiful place like Montana would have anything to worry about. You and Mike are blessed with wonderful friends and some of the most gorgeous country. Love and hugs,
    Rollie and Gina

  3. great place for a party!!!..nothing like the blue sky of Montana!!

  4. A professional photographer now, eh? Hope you'll still talk to us. :)


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