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Friday, August 3, 2012

Getting Ready

Thank you so much John and Brenda for sending us that Alberta cold front.  High today was 65 degrees!!  With clouds and a cool breeze—quite the switch from 97 and sunshine! 

After our walk Michael pulled the motorhome up by the back door so we could began loading it.  Soon all the bay doors were wide open, everything was sitting outside on the ground—Mr. Michael was in an organizing mode!  I cleaned the inside and began loading stuff—inside stuff such as clothes and food items.  Turned on the refrigerator and it works—for some reason that is always a relief—the refrigerator gets cold!

Garlic shrimp, corn on the cob with melons for lunch.  I also prepared some ribs so that all we have to do while camping is re-warm on the grill.  They smelled so good while cooking, we almost ate the ribs for lunch!

Here are some photos of the Tin Tee Pee remodel in progress:


The tile countertop is not grouted and the sink is just sitting there—it is hammered copper and the tile is marble—I said the Tin Tee Pee has nicer fixtures than what’s inside my house!! SmileThe backsplash is going to be copper we think.  We sanded, re-stained and re-varnished ALL the woodwork—this door into the bathroom was so UGLY—now the wood is beautiful.  That icky wallpaper on either side of the door is going to be covered with bead-board. 


A good day in Montana. 


  1. It got almost cold last night. Didn't even open the window. But the heat is moving back in. Enjoy your camping trip. Be nice to get away. And the Tin Tee Pee is going to be so beautiful.

  2. I like the reno work. Too bad you didn't give us some more pictures. My nosiness knows no bounds.

  3. We're going to have to rename the Tin Tee Pee to the "Tin Palace" pretty soon. Nice job.

  4. Ohhh I love the colors you are picking out and the sink looks soooo sophisticated! You are right, the wood on the door is gorgeous!

  5. The new TeePee is looking good. Hope you have a great outing in the MH. Congratulations to you Grand Daughter. That's quite an accomplishment, but I'll bet she has bigger ones coming her way.


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