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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sewing Machines and Tables

What a difference one day makes!  Our high temp today was 59 degrees and a fine mist has fallen for most of the day.  Yesterday our humidity was 10%, today it is over 70%!  Our house is very cool almost to the point of needing to have heat!!  I’ve worn a sweatshirt all day!

The sewing machine I purchased back in September last year has been a disappointment for me.  It is an embroidery machine, does beautiful embroidery but it is not a sewing machine.  The majority of my sewing consists of piecing quilts, not embroidery.  I’ve had the machine for sale on Craigslist with no success—it will sell one day, I just have to be patient.  In the meantime we began looking for me a different sewing machine.  My friend Jeane has a Pfaff, an older model which Michael discovered still had metal parts while he was repairing it at one time.  Jeane loves her machine, has had it since new.  Metal parts are good, all sewing machines manufactured today have plastic internal parts. 

So, we started looking for one—I lost a bid for one on eBay the other day—I had set my own budget at $500 and some GUY bid $515.  Well, now I’m glad I didn’t get that one!  Michael surfs Craigslist all the time and looks for things for sale even in neighboring states.  He located one of these machines in Boulder, CO for significantly less than $500.  I contacted the woman and through several emails made an agreement to pay for the machine using PayPal, pay for the shipping ($30) and the machine was mine. 


This morning I mentioned to my dear husband that Jeane and I both needed extended tables for our machines before our upcoming quilt retreat next week.  He is such a dear husband—this evening Jeane and I both have extended tables for our sewing machines.


I was able to quilt quite a bit today—have the design in my mind now so it will go faster.  That is the hardest part of quilting for me—trying to decide what quilting designs to place in the various areas on someone’s quilt. 

Now I am trying to decide if I should go cover my garden to keep it from freezing if it freezes???? 


  1. The extended table looks great. I am so sorry you have not liked your CV - I use mine all the time for piecing and love it! In fact, I rarely use it for embroidery which I know is a huge waste. LOL. Good luck with your new machine.

  2. Great find on the sewing machine!! Hope it works out well for you. Man the cold is setting in fast. We're suppose to be considerably cooler by the weekend. Stay warm

  3. I REALLY hate to hear talk about frost!!

    I think you'll probably love your "new" Pfaff. I have a 7550 and hope it lives forever. I also bought it used over the Internet from a lady in NM who had bought the next newer model and have never regretted it.

  4. That is great that you got the machine! I got my new "old" Bernina 1230 with all metal parts last year on EBay for less than $800. It sews a sewing machine! I love it. Last time I did a quilt class I noticed that it was sewing smoothly and some of the other machines were vibrating the tables like crazy. As a brand new piecer ( I don't really quilt yet) I was lucky to get good advice from my quilting sister. I never would have known.

  5. We so miss the Montana weather. With the high humidity it is just hot here in Georgia.

  6. Great deal on your new sewing machine and Mike did a great job too on those extended tables!

  7. Great find on the machine. If you know of anyone wanting a Pfaff 139, my friend has one for sale in great condition.


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