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Monday, August 20, 2012

Another Good Day With Friends

Michael took off early this morning heading over the West Boulder to dig holes for our friends Boo and Terry—something about installing a water tank.  Mike, Pat, Emmi and I took a walk—didn’t see any more bears.

Pat and I spent much of the day making a table runner for her.  She picked fabric, cut out the pattern and got most of it sewn together with a little instruction from me.  I ironed and longarm quilted a little while Pat was working. 

When Michael got home a little before 4pm, we loaded guns and ammo into the truck and went over to one of our gulches for a little target practice.  We shot some of Mike and Pat’s guns along with our own.  It was noisy fun!  And I’m thinking the bad guys better watch out for Ms. Pat!!!IMG_4533

IMG_4528And yes, Judy, when we are out walking amongst the bears with cubs, lone bears, rattlesnakes, wolves, etc. we do pack a gun.  We are not hunters and hate to see any animal harmed but we also don’t want to be lunch, either! 

I have tomatoes—lots of tomatoes!!!  While the tomatoes are mostly gone from Arkansas gardens, I’m just starting to get ripe ones--IMG_4526

Pat treated us to buffalo burgers for supper with corn on the cob and salad.  We chatted for a while then they headed off to their home in the driveway.  Our friends are heading toward home tomorrow, we will miss them!

It was another hot and smoky day in the Boulder valley:



  1. nice last day you spent with Mike and Pat! travels to them as they head towards home!

  2. Wow. what a wonderful time we have had! Time has flew by so fast... Thank you both so much for your great hospitality....
    We hope you will come and see us soon.......
    We won't say goodbye, just So-Long......

  3. Mike and Janna, we are so blessed to have friends like both of you. We have had a wonderful visit at your beautiful piece of Heaven here in Montana. We enjoyed getting to meet some of your family and friends. I will cherish my little "table runner" that you so patiently showed me how to make. I will send pictures when I finish it. You didn't give me a "little" gave me a LOT of instruction! :-)). Thank you so much for your hospitality and good food. We hope to be able to return it n AZ and/or in SD. We'll miss you but know we'll see you again somewhere soon. Love you both....

  4. There is nothing like spending the day doing fun stuff with good friends. It was indeed a good day. Cherish the memories until you meet up again.


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