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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chokecherry Season

We have a bumper crop of chokecherries this year—in spite of the drought!  On our morning walk we’ve noticed piles of bear poop filled with chokecherry seeds.  We do lots of laughing and talking as we walk along—don’t want to surprise a bear!  Yesterday before we left for Livingston Michael picked three and a half gallons of the berries—today it was my job to process those berries into beautiful, deep red jam. 

I used my handy, dandy Nutri-SteamerIMG_4436( there’s a link for where to buy on the upper left of the blog)—I love this thing, before purchasing the Nutri-Steamer my kitchen would look like a war zone or operating room—bright red chokecherry juice everywhere from using a crusher/strainer which splattered.  Now I just fill the bottom pan with water, the middle pan holds the rendered juice and the upper section holds the berries or fruit.  You just let the water in the bottom boil, steaming the juice right out of the berries.  The hose can be used to drain the hot juice into a measuring cup.


Six batches and 30 half pints later—all the chokecherries are processedIMG_4440Now if it all jells, I’ll be very happy!

Michael finished the rock wall today, YIPPEE!!!  Looks very nice.  Nat came for lunch and we enjoyed steak on the grill, roasted potatoes and melons.  For dessert homemade ice cream with fresh raspberries and peaches.  I bought the peaches at Costco and they are delicious—juicy and sweet.


The garden is looking great, the tomatoes are starting to show a little change in color, the corn has tassels and this morning I picked a small tomato from my Glacier tomato plants.  Hot, dry summers are good for something!

By the time I canned 30 jars of jam, made lunch and then cleaned the kitchen it was almost 5pm!!  I’m pooped—time to relax.


  1. put your feet up!..sounds like you had a productive day!!

  2. This reminds me of all the canning that went on when I was a kid growing up on a farm. Glad to see it is not a lost art:)

  3. I used to can when we lived in Lakeside but I haven't done it in years. That jam really looks pretty.

  4. Our grandmothers had that kind of steamer. We been looking for one to buy all over. Now we know where to find them. Thanks!

  5. I can't wait to ghet there and sample all this great food your always talking about......especially the fresh vegies.....

  6. One of my favorite memories growing up was Mom's chokecherry jelly. It didn't set up. Not the end of the world, we used it as syrup. I told my mom to please make the same mistake next year. Ever since, she makes both now, on purpose.

  7. I remember eating chokecherries as a kid until we were sick - smart!! I don't think I've ever tasted Chokecherry Jam though. I'll bet it's good though. That's a lot of homemade Jam. Our blackberry bushes are about ready to pick now so I'm looking forward to some blackberry jam soon.

  8. Finally had the time to get caught up on your recent blogs.

    Jeanette has the identical Nutri-Steamer and it is primarily used with blue berries and black berries. What a great tool that is. Like you, before we had one of these, the kitchen looked a lot more cluttered.


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