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Monday, August 27, 2012

Good To Be Home

I think I slept almost ten hours last night I was so exhausted!  Staying up late sewing, giggling, drinking wine—I may need several days to recover!

Michael noticed the bear in last nights’ blog photo had one of his front paws raised—I cropped the photo which brought out this detail:IMG_4581-001we absolutely love seeing the bears around here but at a distance please!!

OK—more on the quilt retreat!!  One of our quilting gang, Mary F. is a “quilt shop finding guru.”  She locates more out of the way, quaint quilt shops than anyone else I know—she travels with her job and does a lot of driving.  Mary and our new member Roxie claimed there was this awesome quilt shop in Avon, MT.  Well, I’ve been to Avon, MT and there is absolutely nothing there—really—some railroad tracks, a few houses, etc. 

The gang started making plans to go to Avon on Saturday, Jeane and I were on a quilting roll and waffled back and forth trying to decide if we wanted to go or not.  In the end we went and I would have kicked myself forever if I hadn’t gone—what a place—seems there is SOMETHING in Avon, MT—The Birdseye Mercantile!! 


Oh, my!!  I’ve never seen so much Moda fabric in one place in my entire quilting career—beautiful, new, touchable, huggable Moda fabrics!!  And get this—all fabrics in this store are $7.50/yard!!!!!  When most other quilt shops are selling fabric for $10-12 a yard it makes absolute sense to drive to Avon, MT!!!  Jeane asked the woman how she could sell her fabrics for $7.50—her answer, “we own this building, I am my only employee and I don’t take credit cards.”  She also explained, “we ranch near here, I am only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday—this shop is my stress reliever.” 

IMG_4574IMG_4573Thank you, thank you Mary F. for introducing us to the Birdseye Mercantile!!!

It’s been a busy day here—laundry, grass mowing and customer quilting.  We are taking the longarm south with us this winter and Michael has been hard at work making our trailer longarm ready.  He ran electrical wiring so now instead of propping the door open and running an extension cord inside for power we will have outlets.  He installed a large fluorescent light fixture overhead and is busy placing installation in the ceiling and on the walls.  Pretty fancy quilting trailer!!

Ms. Emmi was rather aromatic and received a bath today, too.  So, finally I’m sitting down to relax after one busy day!


  1. Good morning.....sounds like you had a good time at your retreat. I'm envious. I would love to go to that quilt shop. I could stock up on a few fabrics for my quilt supply. I wonder if she ships. :-). My table runner is beautiful. THANK YOU! WOW....That looks like a pretty big bear. Nice picture. You can bring that mobile quilting studio right on over to North Ranch this winter. :-)) Hugs.....

  2. Would love to see your trailer "longarm ready". We maybe planning a temporary move and I'd hate to be without my Longarm.

  3. Nice looking quilt stores - I'm an expert on the exterior look of quilt shops! That Bear looks pretty big to me. I wondered what the significance was, if any, about the Bear having one of his front paws raised? Does that mean something in Bear language?

  4. Wow!! This shop looks fantastic....but where's the LOOT? We want to see the LOOT!!


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