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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Spiffy Dog

We woke to temps in the low 40’s this morning, it was so cool last night we had all the windows and doors closed—wonderful! 

Ms. Emmi was looking a little ragged these days so into the sink she went much to her dismay!  And oh, no she said, “not a haircut too!!”  Yes, as warm as it’s been she was needing a trim.  Now she is one spiffy, good smelling dog!  Much better.

Michael worked on the Tin Tee Pee doors some today—remember me saying we cut “sticks” for the cabinet doors?  Sticks about three inches in diameter, split in half, sanded and stained attached as a picture frame trim around the copper centers of the cabinet and door fronts. IMG_4112IMG_4114The copper will become less shiny with time and I may try some remedies to hasten the process. 

I spent some more time cleaning in the motorhome and packing a few more things.  Late this afternoon I met LoraLee at the West Boulder turnoff, she had been in town today for a quilting class and had picked up our Bountiful Basket which contained peaches among other things.  Not Arkansas peaches but when they ripen—they will be good I bet.

IMG_4105-001Moon going down over the West Boulder this morning.  A good day in Montana.

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  1. I'll bet Emmi feels a lot better even though she didn't want a bath and haircut.

    Those copper inlays are going to look more and more beautiful as time goes on. Nice job!


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