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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Happy Belated Birthday

Very hot again today and so smoky you could even smell the smoke from time to time.  On our walk this morning it felt as if we were in another place other than our own hayfields—our view was so changed.


The above photo is the view this morning and if you look carefully  you can see the vague outline of mountains.

 IMG_1087Almost the same exact view of those mountains without the smoke!  And in a different season!

I had a massage scheduled for this morning and called Jill to see if she could have lunch afterwards.  Her birthday is July 31 and our schedules just didn’t mesh this year for a birthday lunch—today was the day for a belated one.  We ate at the new pizza place in town, it was OK then headed up the street to Cinnabar Creek for frozen yogurt as a treat.  Jill and family just got back from a vacation over in Idaho—floating on the Snake River, hiking, dining out.

Michael trimmed doors and drawers all day—for the Tin Tee Pee.  Looking good!IMG_4451

When I got back home I played with Ms. Emmi for a while then quilted for a couple hours.  Mowed the grass and now we are both inside relaxing.  Another busy day in Montana.


  1. Looking good??. I think they look Great!!!! Very unique for sure. Hopefully the temps will cool off for y'all and the smoke will disappear.
    Love and hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  2. You know, those doors and drawers almost look pink on my computer. Guess you like pink? :)

  3. They're beautiful! Can't wait to see them "live". Get rid of that smoke before we get there if you can. It's pretty bad up here, too. We'll call you when we figure out our schedule. Visited a couple of quilt shops here in Kalispell is in walking distance of the Elks Club. :-)). Still couldn't find what I was looking for.:-((. See you ya.....

  4. I saw a clip of the fires in Montana on the TV news last night and it looked pretty bad. Quite a contrast between your 2 photos with all the smoke and haze now obscuring the view.

    Nice job on the drawers, it's looking great.

  5. I sure like the rustic look of the little tin tee pee drawers.

    The two photos (smoke/no smoke) are quite contrasting. I hope the smoke dissipates before Mike and Pat arrive. Any rain in the forecast?


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