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Friday, August 17, 2012

We Meet The Nicest People

Many times people who live in cities or subdivisions never become friends with their neighbors, they may have a passing acquaintance but don’t really get to know those people who live right next door, two doors down or across the street.  An elderly couple in our community traveled to Arizona yearly in a RV and Michael asked Norm one time, “why did you never buy a house in Arizona?”  Norm’s answer, “when you buy a house, making friends in a new neighborhood is hard, when you roll into a RV park everyone is your friend.”

We and many others in blogland have proved this time and time again.  We have made some of the most lasting, close friendships staying in RV parks.  Today some of those friends came to visit.

We met Matt, Gail and Freeway at Cedar Key RV Resort last winter while we were in Florida.  They were our neighbors on one side traveling in a toy hauler pulled by a Ford diesel.  Freeway and Emmi had a tentative relationship most of the time.  Matt and Gail have been traveling north west since leaving Florida in late March.  They’ve been in Gardiner, MT at the north entrance to Yellowstone Park for a little over a week.  Today they came to visit us bringing Freeway along. 


A great day!!  When they arrived about noon, we visited for a little while then drove over to our tourist attraction, Natural Bridge State Park.  What a difference from last year’s water levels!  All the water is now dropping down through the huge hole in the rocks.

IMG_4467IMG_4468IMG_4471IMG_7480Look at the amazing difference in these two photos.  The upper one was taken today, all the water coming through the hole.  The other photo of Gina and me was taken in June of 2011—lots more water to say the least!!!

After our little tour we came home to appetizers and Pink Cadillac Margaritas (delicious new margarita recipe!!) on the deck.  Pork tenderloin, corn on the cob, oven roasted green beans and melon for lunch.  We ended our wonderful meal with a fruit tart and homemade ice cream.  Delicious meal! We spent lots more time visiting before saying our goodbyes with admonitions about all the deer hanging out along the roads. 

Tomorrow more RVing friends arrive, Mike and Pat—they’ve been on a Glacier National Park tour. 


  1. What you say is true,,that is why after 15 years of full timing we bought a home in a RV PARK.
    Leaving Coeur d Alene this morning,,,,may not make it all the way, but we should be there early tomorrow. Lookin forward to seeing you all...

  2. Sure is a drastic difference in the water levels - all great pics though!

  3. We concur that meeting and getting to know folks in RV parks is easier and more seamless than some neighbours in areas we've lived in.

    Interesting contrast between the two photos with more and less water flow.


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