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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Girls Go Shopping

The kids didn’t come up here until about 11am so Michael and I just spent the morning doing this and that.  I started some laundry and did some clean-up from last night’s party.

For lunch we had ribs made using my Kansas City friend Kelly’s recipe.  The ribs were so, so good—falling off the bone!  We had a great salad and roasted potatoes too.  We eat really well around here, don’t we!

After lunch the “girls” headed off to town.  It didn’t take us long to shop all the good stores in Big Timber before heading back home.  Niki and the girls found a few treasures and I found some summery cocktail napkins. 

Michael has a 1995 Ford diesel pickup that several years ago ran one day then didn’t run the next.  He tried fixing the truck with no luck then took it to a mechanic who also couldn’t make the truck run.  Off and on Michael has dragged the truck into the garage, purchased various parts and tried to make it run with no success.  Today Eric got in the game—sure would be nice if they could make the thing run—it was a nice truck!

Leah and Elizabeth are back in the creek finding more bits of china and other glassware.  Elizabeth is also looking for gold—hope she finds some!!

P1010010 Elizabeth was in a mood last night when we took this photo so we have to find a time to get one of her with me, too!



  1. girl's day out sounds like it was a lot of fun!..the ribs?..fall off the bone?..delicious!!

  2. Yes, you really do eat good around there! :)

  3. I guess we all get a mood once in awhile. Hope the truck gets fixed.

  4. How about posting ur rib recipe! I get every rib recipe I can. Thanks , LYNN

  5. I love working on old trucks, wish I was there. i probably couldn't fix it either, but it would sure beat this carpenter work.....

  6. Well, I sure know about them moods alright. Nice pic of you two on the deck.

  7. P.S. Has Mike tried giving that old Ford a good swift kick up the tailpipe......

  8. Hope the girls find some gold in that creek!


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