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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Their Last Day

Michael, Emmi and I took a nice walk this morning before it got too warm then we both started in on those icky old chores.  Ms Emmi got a bath which she sorely needed and I started cleaning the little toyhauler.  We’ve decided to sell it—reason reined and we knew we wouldn’t use the rig.  By the time I was finished cleaning it sure looked a lot better than when we bought it! 

Michael and Eric worked on the old truck again today with no success again unfortunately!  It’s making Michael grumpy!

For lunch we dined Cajun style thanks to Rollie and Gina.  When they came to visit they brought crawfish and the makings for etouffee.  We didn’t eat all the crawfish while they were visiting and today I used Gina’s recipe and made crawfish etouffee—it was an absolute hit even with the little girls!  Thank you Rollie and Gina!  We also had fried okra brought from Arkansas and salad.  I made focaccia bread for the first time in my life and it was a definite hit!  IMG_0082

This afternoon Niki, the girls and I drove over to the West Boulder to visit John Worth, the potter.  John makes beautiful pottery, my everyday dishes were made by John many years ago and I have many of his serving pieces.  Niki’s Grandmother, my Mom, gave Niki a set of John’s dishes as a wedding gift 14 years ago.  Niki needed some new pieces and I can always use pottery!  IMG_0096 I love the square plates—I may have to get a set of those—square plates and bowls sure fit in a cabinet better!

Judy asked the other day what was the significance of the photos sitting on the new table runner.  The one there in this photo is our wedding day photo taken almost 17 years ago on the porch of our friends in an October snowstorm!  The other photo was one of my two nephews taken many years ago—they are almost grown now! 


The gang is taking off in the morning headed toward Arkansas and much warmer temps.  It will be awfully quiet and lonely around here!


  1. It is sad when company leaves..but you know they will return!..nice pottery!!..I didn't realize that square plates fit in the cupboard better..learn something new everyday!!!

  2. You've had a great time with your visitors so I'm sure it's hard to see them go. The girls will be sure to remember this summer vacation for a very, long time.

    That Focaccia Bread looks delicious!

  3. Beautiful plates! I just love my John Worth pottery. Another wonderful treasure you have there in Montana.

  4. We're glad that you enjoyed those crawfish. Sounds like y'all just had a wonderful southern meal. We miss y'all.

    Love & Hugs,
    Rollie & Giina


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