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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big Plans

Well, we couldn’t let Rick and Paulette get the jump on us now could we???  We’ve discussed our winter plans many times lately and both of us were not too interested in boondocking in the Quartzsite area desert again this year.  We’ve gone to Arizona for probably eight years in a row now and both of us were a little bored.  We had explored the possibility of renting a private lot in the northwest Tucson area—on 10 acres, bordering state land—and I was under the distinct impression we were headed to Tucson. 

We had also discussed Florida and looked at several RV parks on the internet.  I never thought my dear husband would even consider Florida because in order to get to Florida you have to cross that big, wide, muddy Mississippi!!  Yesterday morning he said, “I think you should call that place in Florida and make a reservation!”  You could have knocked me over with a feather!

So, this morning, I did just that, we have a 3 month reservation at Cedar Keys RV Resort in Cedar Key, Florida.  The resort was new last year, has a heated pool and huge sites.  It is six miles from the water which is good.  I am so excited I want to leave tomorrow!!!  New things to see, new places to go!!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate washing windows???  Well, today I washed all the windows in this house inside and out—the windows just sparkle!  I also did a little heavy duty vacuuming—cobwebs, logs, etc.  When you live in a log home you have a gazillion extra pieces of furniture so to speak for dusting! 

Leftovers for lunch, homemade pizza for dinner.  Michael worked out in the shop all day on various projects.  Emmi went in and out all day.

Claire and Robyn dropped by this afternoon and brought us a wonderful treat--IMG_0243 Delicious!

 IMG_0242  Can you tell what this is??  It’s a small bear “cub” footprint on top of an adult bear footprint.

IMG_0240Another bear footprint in our creek bed. 



  1. We hope you enjoy Cedar Key Resort. we spent a week there last fall. They were still working on it at that time. If you are looking for peace and quiet, it should be a great location.

  2. I found a post that has a few pictures of the campground and Cedar Key.

  3. Well, you saved me some money. I won't be going to the desert after all. I am not sure you will like all that lack of space, but it will be a great adventure.

  4. the bear prints were probably your visitors the other night!!..good for you guys..heading to fun in the sun!!..soon!!!

  5. Cool footprints, and I'm glad you're trying something new for the winter! :)

  6. Holy smokes, next thing you know Mike will be wanting to hang out around Miami all winter. Gonna miss you out west, but remember we have an overnight spot at Dogpound South if you are going through.

  7. Man O man...everybody making plans makes me want to hit the road too. Still don't know what we are doing this winter since it is our first with the RV, but you can bet we'll be somewhere. You better leave now, you've got a long drive ahead of you. But don't worry, I'll take care of those raspberries for you!

  8. Have a great time in Florida. Lots of people like it there in the winter. I'm still a desert person but we haven't spent eight years there yet.

  9. ah, bears and berries, they just seem to go together in mountains summers it seems. Wondering when you are heading south to Florida, curious about your route, so I'll look forward to reading. We have thought about staying home for Christmas and heading to the south in January, although that might be an especially fun time to cross the country. NOT!

  10. That's pretty exciting news about Florida! Sure will be different from the desert that's for sure. Should be a great drive down with lots of new sights to see through the south!

    Neat bear paw prints.

  11. Have a great time in Florida - how exciting for you all. Just sorry we won't be able to catch up on quilts in person.. but maybe another year! Best wishes.

  12. Must say, we were very surprised by your Florida travel plans. The deserts & mountains of Arizona will miss you guys.

  13. My folks live near Cedar Key (they live in Williston) ...

    GREAT seafood place on the way out there when you turn off Alt 27 in Bronson, called Campbells (on the north side of the road)

    Remember, they sometimes get cold there in Dec-Feb and sometimes even frost at night. Just sayin====

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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