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Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Very Busy Day

I’ve been at it all day today, laundry, cooking and cleaning.  I bathed Ms Emmi and much to her dismay gave her a spiffy looking haircut if I do say so myself!

And it is dang warm here today—doesn’t Mother Nature know I have company coming and they would like to see some cooler weather???? 

Poor Michael was out in this heat cutting hay today—he started cutting what is called “second cutting.”  In places such as Arkansas and Texas farmers get 3-4 cuttings a season.  Here in Montana we are lucky to get two cuttings and that’s only if you have alfalfa.  About 4pm I took him some ice water and a fudge ice cream bar.

The Bayfield Bunch had a very close call last night, scary!!!  And I noticed on one of the blogs I read a link to a sad post by Bruce and Margie’s daughter stating Bruce and Margie’s schnauzer Annie had died.  Bruce and Margie were the blogging RV couple out for a walk in California last October—they were both run over and killed by a crazy, out of control driver.  I bet Bruce and Margie were very glad to see Annie!

IMG_0286 Michael’s new fence—the photo really doesn’t show how steep that hill actually is.


Last night’s sunset.

I rarely dream or if I do I rarely remember it.  Last night I had a nightmare, dreaming a bear was after our Emmi girl.  I can remember struggling to say her name and finally was able to yell her name in my sleep—Michael said I yelled it loud enough to get his attention!


  1. JANNA. Just 1 fudge ice cream bar for Mikey. I'm going to have to come up there and bring him a lot of BLUE BELL.

  2. Gee, no one ever brought me an ice cream bar when I was haying back before recorded history.

    Nice sunset.

  3. those dang bears..even when they aren't there! picture of Emmi with her fancy new hairdo??

  4. After your bear scare the other night, I'm not surprised your having a few nightmares about bears!


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