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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We Had An Awesome Day

I was off early this morning to meet up with Niki and the gang in Livingston.  They spent yesterday in Yellowstone Park with my Mom and Chuck.  We left my little car in Livingston, loaded up the Tahoe and headed to Gardner.  With life jackets, helmets and tons of safety instructions we loaded onto a yellow school bus with a whole passel of other folks.  At the river we heard more safety instructions then hauled the boats down to the water.  Shortly after we paddled out into the river the fun began—I’ll let the photos (I did not take these photos, the rafting company did) tell the story:

IMG_6756 IMG_6760 IMG_6788  

The little girls, Leah and Elizabeth had a great time, too—the guide suggested Elizabeth “ride the bull".”  She sat up on the bow of the boat and held onto the ropes through some calm water and some minor rapids getting a full face of water at one time.  They both had a blast. 

It was just a fabulous day—our guide was great as were our boat mates, a family from Reno, NV.  After our river trip we headed back to Livingston—a little shopping for Eric at our friend Jordan’s store, early dinner at the Rib and Chop then home allowing the girls to take turns riding with me in the convertible. 

Michael elected to stay at home today—he doesn’t like cold water and let me tell you that water was cold—straight off a snow bank. 

The family enjoyed seeing my Mom and Chuck yesterday and did a whirlwind tour of parts of the Park. P1010142 P1010169They saw this grizzly bear as they were heading to their hotel last night.

Just one of those perfect Montana summer days!


  1. I would have stayed with Michael. I love to raft but I want the water much warmer than that snow bank. But I bet the girls really did have a great time and loved every minute of it.

  2. perfection in Montana as always! the raft pictures! look like you were having a great time, Janna!!..don't know if I would want to ride in the 'bull position'!!

  3. Looks like a GREAT time! I see the two dare devils where right in the middle of the action like always. I love those little girls. Can't wait for my turn to do this.

  4. I'm with Mike on this one & would probably have stayed home. I don't like cold water either but had a bad experience in British Columbia's Shuswap River back in the the early 70's. Good for you guys in getting out for the great adventure though. Those memories will last the kids forever. And, a good old face full of cold water does all of us a bit of good from time to time:))

  5. Looks like a lot of fun. Those are 2 brave little girls you've got there. I'm glad they had 'a blast' and really enjoyed it.


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