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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lunch and Other Good Things

There was a definite chill in the air this morning which makes me sad!  Fall is my favorite time of year but I like summer too and our summer didn’t start until almost the first of July—could we just have a little more summer before it starts to get cold around here???

After our long walk this morning we took our big old bag of sweet corn and went visiting dispensing corn to our friends Geoff and Nancy along with Robyn and Claire.  Geoff and Nancy have family visiting so we got to meet them and had a nice chat!  Back home we got ready and headed into town. 

Lunch with Jeane at the Grand—we need a new restaurant in Big Timber, if I was younger and wanted to work that hard???  We haven’t seen Jeanie in a while so it was so good to see her and have a nice gossip.  Then I was off for a massage and Michael was off to load into the truck all the pipe he had delivered to his Dad’s.  We ran a couple more errands then headed home to rescue our poor home alone pooch!  Al and Kelly are starting to train their new family member Miss Eve to be left home alone and we understand completely!  Emmi will drag one of my socks from my hiking boots or Michael’s slippers and just bring them into the living room as if she just wants to be near something that smells like us.  She has never been a chewer and she is a little short in the britches to get a package of dinner rolls off the table!! 

Had a message from my friend Kathy when I got home, she needed some advice—so, I called Kathy and she came up for a while.  Kathy and I together started the Cinnabar Creek store in Big Timber probably 14 years ago.  Kathy has been diagnosed with a very serious illness and has had to sell the store.  She is unable to work, has limited resources and crappy health insurance.  We discussed some options and I think she felt better when she headed home.

Michael and I had corn on the cob, cantaloupe and watermelon for supper, how’s that for healthy!! 

Do you think these tomatoes will be ripe before frost???IMG_0173

Isn’t this a pretty colored geranium?IMG_0175

We are gonna hopefully see some meteor shower show tonight and early tomorrow morning!


  1. Hey Janna were you thinking of coming this way we would love to have you and have a plug in for you or you can have the house. Get back to me

    Take Care

  2. hope you get to see the meteor shower!!..and as for your friend, in need of advice?..good for you for being there for her!


  4. No meteor shower for us guys. We are under a cloud cover here in southwestern Ontario:((

  5. Mornin' Janna....being a "southern girl", you probably know about "fried green tomatoes". Those tomatoes sure look about right for frying. :-) Yummm.....Hugs.....

  6. I'm actually happy to see some cooler weather. This summer has been a scorcher in Indiana. :)

  7. We could use another month of summer weather here too before it begins to cool down. I'll have to watch for those meteor showers tonight!

  8. YUM, corn on the cob and watermelon...someone else can have my share of cantaloupe!!

    Hope things work out for your friend. That's a scary situation to be in.


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