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Thursday, August 25, 2011

They Are Here

In 1995 I took a dream job with the Kimberly-Clark Corp. as a nurse consultant having been an operating room nurse for 17 years prior to that.  I traveled around the country supporting the sales staff—it was a dream job and paid very well.  Kelly and I went to work for KC on the same day, Elaine and Shirley were all ready employed.  For twelve years I spent a lot of time with these three ladies developing a friendship that has survived so well.  In 2008 we all decided we needed to make an effort to see each other as I had retired and so had Shirley.  We met at Kelly’s in Kansas City for just a weekend, a goddess gathering we called it, and that weekend really cemented our need to make that effort.  We skipped two years and in 2010 we all traveled to Texas and helped Shirley and her husband celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

This year we are all in Montana.  The three ladies arrived in Billings all about the same time—we had lunch at Jake’s then headed home to retrieve the Emmi girl at Nat’s.  Michael was baling hay all day. 

We have spent the rest of the evening talking and talking and of course consuming a “small” amount of wine.  Gifts were exchanged and more talking, Michael ventured out of the motorhome to meet Kelly (he had met Elaine and Shirley in the past) and to have a “small” glass of wine with us. 

Tonight the girls are all tucked inside the house worrying about bears, Michael and I are in the motorhome.  Tomorrow we are heading to Yellowstone.

IMG_0291 From the left, Elaine from Florida, me, Shirley from Texas and Kelly from Kansas City.


  1. have a great 'girls' weekend!!!!..sound like so much fun!!!

  2. Enjoy your time with your friends Janna. Good thing Mike has a lot hay to bale since that's a lot of estrogen up the east Boulder. LOL. Have fun!!!!

    Rollie & Gina

  3. Wow,,,I don't blame Mike for hiding out!! With 4 X nurses around it can't be safe!!! Sounds like fun tho.
    We are near Lincoln, Nebr. attending DIL's mothers funeral. Have some fun for us........

  4. What a great reunion story. Have fun - hey, I know that's not going to be a problem!

  5. Howdy Janna,
    A rain shower isn't good in the middle of baling!! That's a pretty good set of nurses on your patio..
    Tell them about Chappy's Trails blog
    at least the bears don't dump your 'big' steel dumpsters over..just beat you to the chokecherries!!!

    Smooth roads & balmy breezes!!!


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