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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Deer Creek

Michael had a hankering to take a jeep ride today and off we went after our morning walk.  Fall is not in the air today, it is hot!  The bank thermometer in Big Timber at 3pm said 92 degrees!

The mountains in a lot of my photos that we can see from our place can also be viewed from the backside up the Lower Deer Creek road.  It is an old logging road in surprisingly good shape with lots of switchbacks and hanging off the mountainside.  We drove over 20 miles into the back country.  Views forever, IMG_0205 Tons of ripe wild raspberries by the roadside.


A creek, the perfect place for our picnic lunch—we were sitting right by the little creek eating when Michael said startled like, “fish!!”  Didn’t expect to see a fish in that small little stream!IMG_0200


There have been several forest fires in these mountains in the time I have lived around here, the most recent was in 2006, the Derby Fire which roared over these mountains and came really close to getting our ranch. 

And the best part of the trip on the way home, Mr. BearIMG_0211 taken from the safety of the jeep with my 35X CanonSX30IS. 

Just another great day in Montana!


  1. Beautiful! I bet you are so happy to be living where you do. Great photo of the bear. He looks pretty relaxed.

  2. no kidding!..what great views as always!! as for those raspberries!..did you pick some??..just love raspberry jam!!

  3. Really like your second to last shot...the mountains go on forever!

  4. Beautiful photos again, bet you're loving that new Canon camera.

    Nice to have wild raspberries around - maybe that's what the bears were after too.

  5. Now that is a great drive and place to have a picnic.

  6. Great pictures!! We are enjoying our stay in Kalispell very much. Visited Big Mountain, Whitefish and (of course) Glacier National Park. Awesome scenery!!


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