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Monday, August 8, 2011

All Done

Finally got all the ripping accomplished, all the little loose thread picked off the quilt and now I’m ready to start over.  My attitude is a little better today, too!

Michael did all sorts of things today, started irrigating our hayfields, welded on some stoves he is building, etc. 

Just after lunch we took the little sports car and went to Big Timber leaving Ms Emmi home alone!  We still love that little car and on a beautiful day like today, it is a perfect ride.  When we got home Ms Emmi let us know in a pitiful howl how woeful it was to be left home alone.  She throws her little head back, dances around on her back legs and just howls.

I snapped this photos last night as a storm was rolling through and the sun was setting.  The storm gave the air an eerie color.

IMG_0139 IMG_0135


  1. Those are beautiful sunset moody.

    Glad you are feeling better about the quilt today.

  2. looks like it was a beautiful day for a ride to 'clear your head'!!

  3. Beautiful sunset photos - looks like your new camera is a 'keeper'!

  4. Nice pictures...Could you tell me how you get that watermark of your name on each picture,,,I like that!!

  5. My internet connection was awful last night so I came back again this morning to see the pictures. Sure glad I did, they're gorgeous!

  6. Those pictures are just incredible. Look like paintings. Our crier is Skittlez and boy can she sound pathetic.

  7. Add another voice! Beautiful photos! I'd love to see a photo of Emmi protesting, too. :)

  8. What kind of car? Just curious. :)


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