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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Errands and Yard Work

My bones are aching!  We made a quick run into town this morning to deliver quilts, get some baling twine and take Ms Emmi to the vet for her yearly checkup.  She wasn’t impressed at all!  That taking the temperature business was embarrassing she thought!  And she didn’t want that nasty tasting medicine injected into her mouth either! 

When we got home I made a quick lunch—have you ever eaten quinoa?  In a magazine I was reading there was a recipe for quinoa prepared with onions, garlic, carrots and zucchini, seasoned with salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.  It was delicious—Michael was not as impressed as I but he did say it was something he could eat!  He did have leftover ribs and corn on the cob, too, so he didn’t starve!  I also put a double batch of spaghetti sauce on to cook.  Dinner for Michael while I am visiting with the girlfriends and traveling food for our Canada trip.

After lunch Michael headed to the hayfield to finish cutting and walked back in the house about 6pm—all done.  We can hope for some more of this dry, windy weather so the hay will dry quickly!

The reason for my aching bones—I did a batch of weed whacking then mowed the lawn.  It looks beautiful now, but my bones still ache!

Got all the ironing caught up and stocked the motorhome with some essentials.  We are sure both ready for a vacation!



  1. You are coming to Canada???..whoo hooo!!!!..but I would bet it will the next province over!..Alberta will win this time round!

  2. Although the Quinoa sounded o.k., I think I might have gone for the left over ribs and corn on the cob like Michael!!

  3. Howdy Janna,

    I'm sure happy to see farmers on this RV blog.. You talk about Texas & Arkie farmers getting 3-4 cuttings a year; we've been buying hay and feed for our horses (6 horses, 1 mule and a goat) for about 4 years now.. We've had 6" of rain THIS YEAR.
    People ask us what we raise on our
    ranch and we say 'dust devils'!!
    Someday we hope to get to Montana, Alberta, BC and Washington
    to see your pretty country..

    Smooth roads & clear skies !!!!

  4. Would you share the quinoa recipe? I've never eaten it, but bought some to try and haven't found a recipe I thought we'd like. I've never gotten around to asking you where in Ark you are from. I live in Searcy and often wondered. I so enjoy reading your blog (and probably 100 others) as it keeps me somewhat satisfied until we can be on the road most-time in our RV.


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