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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It’s Done!!

I worked hard all day and about 5pm I was removing the quilt from the frame.  I think it turned out well--IMG_0159 IMG_0162 IMG_0164

The quilt belongs to my friend Caryl who lives in Congress, AZ year round now.  We met Caryl and Jerry when we were participating in Cowboy Action Shooting.  At that time they owned a summer place in Lewiston, MT and wintered at North Ranch, the Escapee’s park in Congress, AZ.  They have since sold their Montana place. 

Michael worked on our own landscaping job all day today and it is looking great.  Gotta have the place looking perfect as about August 25, my long time girlfriends are coming for a girl’s weekend.

Another glorious day here in Montana.  My sister frequently calls me as she is driving home from work—about a 45 minute drive.  It was “only” 97 degrees today there in Arkansas at about 4pm instead of the over 100 degrees they have been experiencing.  I wish I could bottle up some of this nice weather and send it home!  It is so incredibly dry there, too.

We had the last of the Louisiana crawfish for lunch today, Michael said, “you know, I don’t have any Cajun blood in me but I sure do like this stuff!”  See what you did Rollie and Gina????

We slept out in the motorhome last night—that bed has a memory foam topper in addition to a firm mattress.  It also has a featherbed topper.  The feather bed topper bothered both of us last night so tonight I am removing it and we’ll just use the memory foam.  We’ve spent so much money on mattresses, toppers, and featherbeds, we just want to be sure before we buy anything else.

Our bumper crop of hops is doing well again this year.  Some of the plants just snake right out and grab onto deck furniture and you if you’re not careful!IMG_0168 That’s hops in the cornerIMG_0166 See the little upside down grasshopper, he is so green he just blends in with the leaves of the hops plants.

We were so glad to read this morning that the Bayfield Bunch have a new furry friend, Eve.  Al and Kelly feel the same way about their pets as Michael and I do—they are members of the family.  We will look forward to meeting Eve this winter down in the southwest.


  1. nice job on the quilt!..must be great to have it done finally!!

    now as for the bed?..good luck with finding what works for you both!!..we just bought a new memory topper for the tent trailer..made a huge difference...that skinny old piece of foam just wasn't going to work!!

  2. That quilt is just beautiful. WOW!

    I too was pleased to read about Eve and her new home with the Bayfield Bunch. I feel the same about my fur kids.

  3. The quilt is beautiful. I didn't have any luck with material today. Back to the drawing board. I actually turned the heat on this morning. Which is ridiculous for August. Your little grasshopper blended in so well that I didn't see him tell you told us he was there.

  4. Regarding your bed you might want to check out bed in a box, we bought one last year, priced around $600.00for a queen size, it is some type of memory foam. We are very happybwith ours.


  5. Janna,
    Beautiful quilt. We finally got some rain in NW Arkansas and the temps have actually dropped below three digits making it bearable to be outdoors.

  6. An interesting quilt pattern. I love it. Your quilting is wonderful and really compliments the quilt well. Great job to both you the quilter and the piecer.

  7. Sounds like you and Mike need to make a trip to south Louisiana so your very special friends can corrupt y'all some more. As you know people either love or hate our mudbugs. I'm just glad Mike likes them. I promise Gina and I will replenish your supply.

    Love & Hugs,
    Rollie & Gina

  8. Yes - they do need to make a trip to LA- and stop by my house on the way back with leftovers!! The mudbugs were wonderful last week! Thanks Rollie and Gina!!


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