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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready Or Not

Whew!  My girlfriends arrive tomorrow in Billings whether I’m ready or not!  I spent the day finishing up the cleaning and then doing some cooking.

Michael baled hay until about 2pm then we had a late lunch of burgers on the grill and corn on the cob.  Not sure he had enough baling twine so he then headed into town to pick up some more.

We had a couple thunderstorms come through this afternoon with just a touch of rain but it did cool off some.  Michael should still be able to finish baling tomorrow.  Then the hay for this season is done! 

Day before yesterday when we were out for our walk there was the definite smell of smoke in the air.  Montana has dried out severely compared to the soggy spring we had and lightening started forest fires are cropping up often.  The wind we have had the last two days brought us some smoke.  The Crazy Mountains are shrouded in a smoky haze.IMG_0289

The chokecherries are starting to ripen fast and it will be a race between the bears and me to see who gets the most chokecherries.  The bear won last night—I didn’t see the bear but Emmi and I sure saw a big pile of evidence that he had been there.


  1. does a bear 'poop' in the forest?..darn poopin' they do!!!

  2. I haven't had chokecherries in years. We used to make jelly and syrup every year (and some years wine) when I was growing up in North Dakota. Hope you have fun with the girlfriends and beat the bears to lots of chokecherries!

  3. The last time I ate chokecherries was as a kid growing up in Winnipeg - great memories. I think those bears must be watching you!

  4. If it were me, I think I'd let the bear win!! :)

  5. Never had a chokecherry. hope you get your share but watch out for the bears.


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