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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chokecherries Are Ripening

Another sign that fall is just around the corner—the chokecherries are turning red.IMG_0181 Now, I just have to beat the bears to the berries so we can have chokecherry jam!

Remember a while back when I wrote that one of my quilting friends, Mary F. had purchased the little Juki quilting machine and frame?  Well, she and her husband had been working hard to rearrange things at her house so there would be room for the little machine.  Today Michael and I delivered and set up the Juki for Mary.  And because I had thought to take along a practice piece and helped Mary load it onto the machine, Michael and I were rewarded!!!  We got to sample Mary’s stuffed strawberries—oh, my—were they ever good!!  Strawberries filled with a cream cheese filling and then dipped in chocolate!! 

Leftovers for lunch then both of us were off to our respective spots for the afternoon.  Michael to the garage for some welding and grinding, me to the quilt studio where I started and finished a small customer quilt.  I loved the colors in the quilt, a pleasure to work on!

The mattress topper we purchased at Costco had a strong odor so we let it air out Thursday night and all day Friday-- last night we attempted to sleep on it.  I loved the topper, felt as if I was sleeping on a cloud and had no problems with the smell.  Michael on the other hand was driven to the motorhome by the smell about 2am.  Today I removed the topper and put it out on the deck rail in the sun—we will see what happens tonight—it may be going back to Costco if the smell doesn’t go away.

No meteorite shower for us last night, the moon was just too bright.  I was awake at 4am but just couldn’t make myself go outside and I think the moon was still up there anyway, at least that’s how I convinced myself to stay in bed!


  1. I must have lived a sheltered life. Did not know you could put cream cheese in a strawberry. I guess the chocolate is what makes it healthy.

    Will have to give that a try.

  2. Nice reward! We couldn't get out of bed either for the meteorite shower. Hope you get rid of the smell in the topper. Especially since it seems to work so good.

  3. I've never heard of putting cream cheese in a strawberry either - I'd try it though especially with it being dipped in chocolate to boot!

  4. The mem. foam toppers do have to air to rid the smell. Should be fine with a little airing.

  5. Had you gone out at 4 a.m. & faced northeast in the direction the meteor's were originating from you would have been ok because by that time the moon was behind you beginning it's long fading decent into the far west. I'm generally up around 4 but we just have too many trees here to clearly & conveniently see the night sky.

  6. strawberries, cream cheese and chocolate? did we miss that!!???


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