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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wheels On His Feet

I know I inherited my Grandmother and Mom’s love of travel but I swear my dear husband has wheels on his feet!  Today was a day for a drive and off we went in the bumble bee jeep.  Destination, Niehart, MT—home to high school friends of Michael’s, Royal and Nancy.IMG_0267

Gorgeous day for a drive and we arrived about noon—the little town—and I’m talking really little town was having a small celebration with free hamburgers, hotdogs and beer!  It was the free beer sign that drew a whole lot of attention!  There was some live music and a whole lot of visiting going on.  We really enjoyed our time we spent with Nancy and Royal.

I’ve blogged about their store before—it is one of only two businesses in Niehart and our friends purchased the store when Nancy retired from the US Post Office.  Royal named the store the Niehart Inconvenience Store cause it was damn “inconvenient” for him to have to run the store!  But he is kidding no one—Royal thrives on visiting with all the folks who stop by.  Niehart is a ski mountain town—Showdown Ski Resort is just up the road—tons of snow in the winter but a glorious place to be in the summer.  I bet the high temp up there today was less than 70 degrees!IMG_0271 IMG_0269

As Michael enjoyed a couple of those free beers with Royal I drove us home—that jeep is dang fun to drive!


  1. An Inconvenience store...great name! :)

  2. Having fun with the jeep, a couple of beers, and good friends. Wow, what a day.

  3. Uhmmm, FREE BEER!!! What's not to like about that....and taking in a visit with friends too. It's good that you could DD that day...and benefit from enjoying driving the jeep too.

  4. My Aunt Lois lived in Neihart for years and years....I have been in Great Falls but never Neihart.

  5. gotta love a day driving the Jeep!!!

  6. butterbean carpenterAugust 22, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    Howdy Janna,

    Montana must be a wonderful place to live, without crowds and noise..

    I love little towns, except where all of the people are from big cities
    and act like it.. When you live in the mountains, Jeeps are the only things to drive.. So glad y'all had a good time..

    Smooth roads, clear skies & balmy breezes !!!!!!!!!!



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