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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Excitement

A much more restful night with no more nocturnal visitors!  Christopher asked if the bears were black or grizzly—they are black bears.  Grizzly bears have been sighted up the Boulder but we’ve never encountered one around here, thank goodness!  We live very close to Yellowstone Park as the crow flies and when we first got married Michael would tell Mom there were no grizzly bears on this side of the mountain from the Park.  One day Mom says to him, “how does that grizzly bear know which side of the mountain he’s supposed to be on???”  She has a point!!

We had a very enjoyable morning around here, the weather is just perfect—only got up to about 70 degrees today!  A big breakfast of bacon and eggs, a rare treat for us was enjoyed and we took a walk.

I helped Mom finish sewing the binding onto her little quilt and I started quilting the quilt we loaded yesterday.  This is Mom’s little quilt: IMG_0231-1 IMG_0233

Michael had to go back over on the West Boulder to meet the county sanitarian who was inspecting the septic tank Michael installed yesterday so we had an early lunch of burgers on the grill.

Mom and Chuck IMG_0224

left shortly after lunch headed back to Yellowstone Park—they only have about 3 more weeks to work. 

I’m almost finished quilting the last customer quilt I have to do before we head off on vacation the end of August!!! 


  1. your mom's quilt is as pretty as she is!!..Chuck ain't half bad either!!..
    glad your 'visitors' didn't return..maybe they don't like a memory foam on a bed ..or bacon and eggs..they want porridge!!

  2. Is heading out on vacation different from heading south for the winter for you?

  3. So glad you had not more visitors and were able to get some sleep. Where is your vacation going to take you? Can't believe that Mom and Chuck are almost done with their workcamping.

  4. When I read your post about the bears on the deck I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood songs, The Teddy Bears Picnic. First line says, "If you go down to the woods today You're sure of a big surprise. In your case the woods brought the Bears to you for the big surprise:)) Biggest thing we have ever had on our deck besides me is a Raccoon & I'd kinda like to keep it that way.

  5. The quilt is beautiful and so is your Mom! Glad to hear your "pet bears" decided to stay in the woods. Where is "vacation"? Hugs....Pat


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