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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Scary Encounter

OK, we retired as usual last night with the wooden doors open, screens hooked closed, and windows open.  Sleeping well until***********************

At about 3am, I came upright out of a heavy sleep to the sound of my husband literally screaming:

GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!”  And a loud pounding noise!!!!!

My heart stopped, I tearfully hesitantly, because I thought we had a burglar said, “Michael, what’s wrong, who’s here?”  He then screamed at me, “there’s a bear on the deck!!!!”

Let me tell you, I got to that open wooden door in our bedroom with just the screen protecting us in a second flat and soundly slammed it closed.  Michael had turned on all the outside lights and yelled that the bear had jumped off the deck onto the other side of the creek. 

OK, hearts still pounding we headed back to bed, me with a trip by the bathroom.  As I am sitting in the bathroom doing my thing with the window open above my head, my heart starts pounding again, I hear footsteps---are the footsteps outside or are they coming up the basement stairs, do we have a bear in the basement?????  I slowly stand up, look out the window and OMG—there is not one but TWO bears just under the bathroom window.  I scurry back into the bedroom, whisper scream at Michael that the bears are out there, he runs out the door onto the deck waving his arms and yelling—the bears take off up the hill!!!!! 

That was way more excitement that any of us needed Emmi included!  Michael said the reason he woke up in the first place was Emmi was growling.  Good watch dog!

Mom and Chuck arrived about 10:30 this morning—laundry basket in tow—Chuck says it sure is a long way to come just to do laundry.  But then he says, “but you sure do cook good!!”  I finished quilting Mom’s little lap quilt this afternoon, Mom cut out a skirt for me and I got another backing loaded onto the frame.

For supper we had a great ole southern meal—grilled chicken, corn on the cob, fried okra, cantaloupe, watermelon and salad.  YUM!!!

No photos tonight cause I was so rattled this morning I forgot to take the camera on our walk!!!!!


  1. They tell me that bear tastes just like pork. And maybe with all those chokecherries you won't need the applesauce.

  2. I believe I would start sleeping with a 12GA shotgun by the bed. Yikes!

  3. I would take the camera and a big stick with two bears in the neighborhood! Scary, especially with that screen door open. Whew! Glad it all worked out safely.

  4. two bears or three..maybe they were looking for a comfy bed to sleep that is not to hard and not too soft!..
    glad you are okay!!!..what a scare that must have been!!!

  5. I would have been to scared to even breath. So glad you guys are okay. Good girl Emmi. I wouldn't be out there walking even with a camera and a big stick. Not until those guys decide it's time to hibernate.

  6. mom said to tell you, never sleep with your doors open cause you never know who might come it.

    Mark just wants to know how come you have your camera You can take care of him later.

    Just glad you all are okay. I think Miss Emmi should be rewarded with a "new duck"!

    Hugs to you all!

  7. JANNA.....SHUT THE DOOR!! I think I would have needed a stiff drink after that. Y'all be safe.

  8. Hmmm... will the doors be open tonight? :) Sounds VERY SCARY to me. Good for Emmi!

  9. Wow! That sounded pretty darned close. Good for Emmi!

    Sweet Dreams tonight!

  10. Okay, I have been to y'alls cabin a lot. I know there is a loaded gun by your bed so I don't know what the screaming was for!!! I know for sure both you and Mike fantastic shooters. I've seen it with my own eyes. You had a full moon so you could see outside. I'm just joking around I would have done my business in my pants if the only thing between me and two bears was a screen. LOL I'm sure the sight was something to see. We miss you guys.
    Love & Hugs,
    Rollie and Gina

  11. Wow! Glad we don"t have bears. Be sure to keep them up there........You need a "Bear Trap".
    Please be careful.

  12. Egad! That's a little too close for comfort!

  13. Egad! That's a little too close for comfort!

  14. Whoa!! Our wildlife encounters usually involve a possum in the garage, or deer munching pears & apples a few yards from the house. Maybe a rooster pheasant walking around the yard or coons in the sweet corn. You have way more excitement!!

  15. Janna,
    You didn't say if they were black bear or grisly bear. Do grisly bears ever come around your area?

  16. Wow, my heart was pounding as I read this post. I'm so glad it turned out okay and that you are all safe. I love having a dog, and that's one of the reasons, Katie'll bark if anyone comes close to The Palms.

  17. "whisper screaming" Haha! If it's been me, the trip to the bathroom would have been redundant.



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