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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finally I’m On A Roll

I spent the entire morning helping Michael with his road project.  The property owner has a conservation easement which has multiple restrictions on what can and can’t be done on the land.  So, my non-typing husband has been struggling along pecking out this document and I took pity on him this morning and typed his revisions.  He loves me! 

Then I made homemade pizza for lunch—I’m getting better and better at this pizza making business.  One blog I read, RV Goddess turned me on to using parchment paper.  Sure makes sliding the pizza onto the hot baking stone a whole lot easier!  And it keeps the air from turning blue around here, too!

This afternoon I got a good start on the quilt I was struggling with the last couple days.  Everything is going smoothly now, finally!!  Looking good!

Emmi loves to chase any tool you are using such as a rake or shovel.  Michael took along a shovel on our walk this morning to move the irrigating water.  Emmi attacked!IMG_0157

And she spotted this irrigation dam in the ditch and thought it was the big bad boogey man!IMG_0143

As we have traveled across the US and either complained about the freeway noise or train noise in a campground; refused to stay in campgrounds that were close to freeways or railroad tracks, friends will say, “oh, you’ll get used to it.”  NOT!  Here is a photograph of our nearest neighbor that we can see and see only if we hike up into the hayfields.  This neighbor is over a mile away as the crow flies!  We like quiet and quiet we have up here in the mountains!

IMG_0150 Our friends George and Shirley live on the other side of the road from the end of our driveway and that is about a half mile away—we can’t see their house from ours.  Yep, we like our quiet!


  1. Emmi is just too cute. Our girls attack the vacuum cleaner. Since we don't have a yard anymore there aren't any rakes or hoes. You live in a beautiful beautiful area of Big Sky Country.

  2. Funny how some inanimate items set the dogs off. Wonder what they're thinking?

  3. sounds like perfection to sure wouldn't like where we the big bad a busy intersection!!!..traffic and more name it we got it!!!

  4. Pretty amazing it !

  5. Those are my favorite kinds of neighbors as well......the one's you can't hear or see!! I would absolutely love your location for sure. And your right, for some of us who really appreciate the great outdoors with it's great peace & quiet, there is no getting used to trains, traffic or yakky doodle neighbors, etc. AL:))

  6. Janna,
    Beautiful photography and thanks for sharing your beautiful corner of the US with us. Great blog.

  7. Emmi sounds much like our Rylie as she barks at rakes, shovels and lawnmowers or anything else that she figures just shouldn't be there!

  8. How did you happen to decide on Montana for your home state? The pictures are beautiful. And did you guys build your cabin. Trying to find a picture of it. We retired in NW Washington...almost to the Canada border. We always wanted to retire in a cabin in the woods. What we have is pretty close...but thinking of selling. We have a 5th Wheel and the truck to pull it, but can't afford to have our house and travel in the 5th wheel. So we are in limbo basically. ((hugs)) Tricia (aka nwlambear)


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