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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where Did The Day Go

Several years ago much to our dismay a company proceeded to establish a platinum and palladium mine about 9 miles from us using our little two lane gravel country road for access.  We went from knowing who the few cars per day were to 100+ cars/semi-trucks/busses per day.  The company busses the workers cutting down on some of the traffic and we all say that in spite of our misgivings, we have gotten used to the mine presence.  With that said, several times a year as part of their good neighbor agreement, the mine puts a dust suppressant chemical on the road—this chemical is magnesium chloride—salt and is wet and sticky when first applied.  The mine notifies the residents of the area when the chemical is going on and we try to avoid leaving home for a few days to protect our vehicles but yesterday wasn’t one of those times. 

Mikaela came up from town and as she is only 16, her Mom asked if I would meet her at the county road and highway junction and lead her to our house—so I took the oldest car we had, the VW and went to get Mikaela—the slimy dust suppressant stuff was dripping off both our cars by the time we got back!  Then I had errands to run and a wedding shower to attend in the evening so out I went late afternoon with the big truck—the slimy stuff was dry then but when I came home last night it had rained—so the VW and the truck need a bath this morning.

Mikaela’s visit was to learn how to apply binding to a quilt—she was a quick learner and left here with her quilt finished, ready to do the hand sewing of the binding and get the quilt ready to enter into the fair in late July.

Seems as if I visited every place of business in Big Timber yesterday—both banks, the lumber yard for bags of cement and redwood boards, the auto parts store for baling twine, the feed store for sunflower seeds, the courthouse and Cinnabar Creek then went to Livingston and bought the groceries.

Licensed the motorhome yesterday—in Montana if a vehicle is over 10 years in age, the vehicle can be licensed permanently.  I think a 1988 motorhome qualifies!  Cost us $247 to license the motorhome for good!

The wedding shower I attended was for Bonnie the daughter of our good friend Larry and Kelly.  She is a beautiful young woman with absolutely gorgeous dark red hair—Bonnie has the sweetest personality, too.  The below photos are just a couple I took last night.  Her wedding is Saturday night—the setting for the shower and the wedding is the home of her Grandma Jean.  The original log home is very old and Jean has added on to the structure very tastefully creating a much in demand venue for weddings and parties.  Mine and Michael’s 50/60 birthday party was held there. 

Grandma knows best Not so grandmaish

The first photo Bonnie is holding up the nightgown her Grandma Jean gave her, it came complete with Grandma type undies, too—we all laughed and laughed at Grandma Jean’s thoughtfulness!  The other photo is of poor red headed Bonnie blushing before she even got the not so “grandmaish” undies out of the box.  It was a great time!

So, where did my day go??

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