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Thursday, June 24, 2010

High Water Is Over

Yesterday we spotted our first wild rose blossom—all the old timers around here say, “when the wild roses bloom, high water is over.”  and they are generally right!

We finished planting garden stuff and fixing the fence for the apple trees today.  I planted some beans and a few more cantaloupe and pumpkin.  We will see if we get any produce before the first snow flies!

After lunch I quilted, working on my first ever wholecloth—lots and lots of tiny, tiny little stitches.  Michael has been working on the face of the garage all afternoon.  Emmi has been sleeping all afternoon.

Today is a sad day, my Uncle Si died this morning—he was married to my Aunt Margaret (the quilter) who is my Dad’s oldest sister.  Uncle Si has fought Parkinson’s disease for 18 years and the last 7 years he has been confined to a wheelchair.  May he rest in peace finally.

Chokecherry blossoms We have lots and lots of chokecheery blossoms this year, hope we get lots and lots of chokecherries.Mown paths The nice mown paths we walk on every morning—here comes little Emmi back up the one path that winds through an aspen grove.Here Comes Emmi


  1. So sorry to hear about your Uncle passing away. It sounds like he's had a tough time for the past few years. Like you say, may he now rest in peace.

  2. I love Aspen trees. The first time I saw some was while we were visiting our daughter in Ontario and on the way broke a spring on the 5thWheel. While Cliff went back to Sudbury I was sitting in a lawn chair enjoying the sunny weather. I love the rustling sound the Aspen make. It took awhile before Cliff came back so I had lots of time to enjoy the trees.

  3. I like that 'Emmi in the Aspen Grove' picture:))

  4. What do you do with chokecherries besides choke?


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